I HATE this Event!!

I have 6, G12 BHs, 3 with Zetas, ALL over 200 speed, good Potency & Health, & I am getting Whooped on the final tier!! I’ve attempted Over 200 times, and Rarely defeat a single character! The Few in my guild who have gotten him 7* ALL admit my team is Way stronger than theirs!
With a Team THIS Strong there Should be Some kind of strategy I could implement, not Just Reset & Pray.


  • I Guess EA heard my complaint! Shortly after I posted that, I BEAT THE LAST TIER!! That was the ONLY time I Beat Chewie! Got him 1st. That took MANY hours of trying, and switching mods.
    Still DEFINITELY NOT a Fan of an Event depending More on Luck rather than Skill or Strategy!
  • Random number generator
  • Rng is a nightmare
    Do or don't there is no try
  • I accept the RNG and the difficulty, but I hate the time it takes to "Retreat", set up the new battle and skip the cut scene for 20th time. Just add a "Retry" Button without cutscenes for this RNG nonsense...
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