The Logray problem



  • Yay, one more day before the event disappears for months... maybe I'll see Logray before that happens 99/100
  • I've been farming Logray every time I've seen him in the Guild Store from the moment it was announced that Ewoks would be the faction to unlock C3PO and I STILL don't have him at 7*, so I feel the pain of everyone still trying.

    With that said, I DID get my 7* 3PO without him, and while my Ewoks are pretty good, they aren't maxed out and I was able to do it with the mods I had already placed on them.

    This was the team: zChirpa (G9), Elder (G11), Wicket (G11), Paploo (G10), and Teebo (G8). It's definitely doable without Logray, and people really need to stop acting like his awful drop rates are the reason they can't get C3PO. Farm him when you can (because you'll want to have him anyway), but plan to do the event without him.
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