about buying force arena from nm and other stuff

I know I said this before to you guys... just in case you forgot.... mabe if u can buy force arena star wars from nm not only u save the game but you literally make a lot of profit in return. so I think its a win-win! but for this game now.... characters like veers, sabine, and prode droid you made them very very hard to get.... and we still don't have droidakas, b1s, or even droid commandos? anyhow please buy force arena cause it won't last too long


  • Force arena? Decent game. May try sometime.
    Wonder why there are no updates
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • cause the creators of force arena stopped caring so it will die on march.... that is why no updates.... the only way to save it if companies the ones owned galaxy of heroes or commanders.... if they can buy it from nm and nm is willing to sell it. they can save this game
  • Why would CG swoop in to rescue a competing product?
    I demand Grand Arena Elo ratings.
  • I used to play Star Wars Force Arena until November of last year when they removed crystals from the 1 VS 1 season prizes. The company that runs the game (Netmarble) has a pretty terrible reputation of running Star Wars Force Arena. For the unaware, the development team that made Star Wars Force Arena is the same team from Kabam that made Star Wars Uprising that lasted around 2 years, that development team from Kabam is no working for Netmarble because Netmarble brought Kabam Studios.

    Some of the commenters here might remember OTradeMark or Trent. He also used to play Star Wars Force Arena and around patch 1.5 of Star Wars Force Arena, 2 VS 2 used to have a ranked room and it was possible to climb from chromium to Kyber but after patch 1.5 Netmarble removed ranked 2 VS 2 and made 2 VS 2 arcade only which you could gain cards only.


    Post patch 3.0 Netmarble nerfed credit gain in Star Wars Force Arena, in order to level up your units and heroes in Star Wars Force Arena, you have to have credits and also they decided to remove crystals from the 1 VS 1 season awards which meant in order to buy unit packs with crystals, the only way to obtain it was to buy it through the crystal shop in Star Wars Force Arena

    Netmarble has shown that it treats F2P players and even P2W players with disdain and I am not sure if Capital Games or Zynga are willing to buy Star Wars Force Arena from Netmarble, it has potential but it needs a very competent development team who know what they are doing
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