Fix TIE Silencer AI

Please fix TIE Silencer opening AI.

Been posted before, almost since this ship was introduced.

CG, pretty sure it's not intended for AI to use special instead of basic in opening shot.


  • uno
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    i like that the ai is dumb/predictable...makes it easier to get to first
  • I often do this when I play manually. I start with Silencer, Ghost and Biggs. Silencer hits with his special, then Ghost uses Static Jammer on Silencer, causing all ships to attack (Biggs because he's a rebel ally). The outcome is usually one ship down, two to go (plus stealth for all except Biggs).
  • TVF
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    I fought two Silencer fights yesterday and they both did basic first. It's roughly 50/50 from my limited sample size.
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