Returning Player - need advice

I originally started playing just after launch and played until mods were initially released. I just picked SWGOH back up a few weeks ago and am enjoying the game again.

I'm about to hit level 82 and am currently in a guild that has completed Heroic Rancor, normal AAT, and tier 4 of the Darth Traya raid. I was able to score top 10 in each of the raids in damage.

I'm just not sure what faction or characters I should prioritize farming at the moment. My profile is

Any tips or starting points would be great.


  • Kyno
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    Your main focus should probably be legendary characters. Look at your Phoenix characters to get ready for palp and thrawn.

    That will give you a solid base for an empire team for R2.
  • Since you have Wedge at 7* and well geared you really want to star and gear Biggs, he's very easy to farm and they are an awesome duo. You also want to farm Old Ben and Luke farmboy up to 7*. This will get you 5 rebels at 7* who will unlock Palpatine. You also want to farm empire for R2-D2, you already have Royal Guard and Tarkin, you should be farming Darth Vader in fleet store, and once you unlock the emperor you only need one more. I'd suggest you go with a character you already have so you have to farm less shards.
    As a character TIE fighter pilot is the best you already have and he has a ship too.
    After that you either want to farm First Order and Resistance to get BB8 and Jedi Training Rey, or farm Jedi and Old Republic to get Yoda and Revan.
    You also want to farm Phoenix, they are a solid team, have very good synergy and are needed for one of the best characters in the game: Thrawn. I'd suggest out of the 6 you don't farm Sabine, since she's the hardest to farm. Good Luck!
  • data90x
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    You are literally in the same place I was a few months ago when I started playing again. I also had quit just after mods after starting at game launch.

    Concentrate on Phoenix to unlock Thrawn, a nice easy farm and you should have that team ready in a few weeks all at 7 star (ignore Sabine). I focused on Bastilla after that to boost Jedi. Only legendary I’ve unlocked (other than the easy ones being yoda, palp and thrawn) is Luke. Working on a team for Rey but hasn’t been a priority and same for Chewey and C3 but still a while to go.

    My main team is Jedi for arena for top 100 finish normally. Working on a Luke rebel team now, and a secondary Sith team with palp lead. Also have found nightsisters fun so working on them at the moment.

    With regards to ships, I find them boring so worked on them just enough to unlock the daily challenge that enables zetas to drop which speeds up the farm. Get yourself in top 500 and you will farm one every 2 days also. You are probably on an old arena shard like me so no one attacks at that rank really (just start a fight and retreat for the daily challenge). I’ve been at 410 without budging for couple months now.
  • The main advantage I see in focusing on Phoenix right from the start is a good arena ranking early on. From what I can see, all F2P players in the top 20 of my shard started out with Phoenix and then transitioned to another arena team, usually a Bastila team with Ezra and Kanan. Sure, you can climb up the ranks at a later point, but by that point you'll have missed out on a bunch of free crystals, arena currency, and faster level progression / earlier zeta abilities.
  • Waqui
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    Since you already rank 1st in fleet arena, I would suggest that you go all in on ships and their pilots to maintain your rank and secure a steady income of crystals. You have a huge level advantage over your competitors, who are most likely in the 60s. However, when they catch up to your level, you would want to have a strong fleet still.

    I see you're already farming KRU / Silencer. It's a great ship. Farm Bossk and Hound's Tooth every day as well. Your competitors don't even have access to their hard nodes yet (level restrictions). The same thing goes for Tie Reaper.s node (and Shoretrooper). That will give you a great head start on those ships. Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood works very well when teamed up with Hound's Tooth and your Cad Bane is already well under way. Tie Advanced and Slave 1 rarely show up in fleet store, but buy them every time, they do show up. They are both great. Slave 1 may not be META in end-game, but it will be strong for you for a looong time.

    Ahsoka's ship has it's uses, especialy as reinforcement. The same thing goes for Jedi Consular's ship. (My alt has used JC's ship for more than a year and still takes top ranks - usually 1st). Your FOTP is 5* already. His ship is great for target locking and high damage. Unfortunately your Biggs is weak still. However, it's worth it gearing him up. His ship is great for tanking, when teamed up with targetlockers.

    Aim at having at least 5 dark side non-capital ships at 4* and 8 non-capital ships of any alignment at 5* or higher to do the fleet ability challenge which grants zeta materials.

    Apart from ships/pilots you already find some food advice in previous comments.

    Welcome back :-)

  • Waqui
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    data90x wrote: »
    With regards to ships, I find them boring so worked on them just enough to unlock the daily challenge that enables zetas to drop which speeds up the farm. Get yourself in top 500 and you will farm one every 2 days also.

    Well, he ranks 1st already :-)

    (He benefits from having an advantage of being 15-20 levels higher than his competitors).

  • Jarvind
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    Having done roughly the same a few months ago, can confirm: get cracking on legendaries/heroes. They are 100% worth it. Based on a quick glance at your roster you already have most of what you need for CLS, so gear up a couple more Empire so you can snag R2D2. You'll likely miss him this go around unfortunately, but that means you have more than enough time to prepare for his next return.

    Also farm Phoenix so you can get Thrawn. I personally hate Phoenix as they are a huge gear sink and not that good at endgame levels (except Ezra & Sabine), but Thrawn is worth the hassle and you only need to get them to gear 8-9 with decent mods to 7-star him.

    JTR is great but by far the biggest hassle to farm for, so I would probably go for Revan after that.

    Also, you most likely got a new ship shard like I did, so don't ignore ships! You already have a few good crew moderately geared up (Ahsoka, Fives, Wedge, Vader, Resistance Pilot), so you have a huge head start on getting crystal payouts from fleet arena. Plus the ship challenges are a source of zeta materials, which you're going to need a lot of.

    Edit: OK, I just looked again and noticed you are already #1 in your ship shard, so I will amend the above to stay on top of upgrading your ships and their crew. When Hound's Tooth and the like start showing up in your shard it will get a lot tougher to stay on top.
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