Next OR zeta... You pick!

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I absolutely love my OR Carth lead team. My question for you is this, which of the three should I zeta next, as I have a free zeta to spare. Any help in the comments would be appreciated as well!
Note: I have Carth and Mission zeta’d already.

Next OR zeta... You pick! 28 votes

HK666BlargwaharRocksteadyplindboeWitnessCombatCommander7floppytechietheatomicpunchionophileHugeRyanswgoh16Doc1974SwitcherooVonZantStarWarsGirl77TypherrionRon_ONeal35EmguyDaPowerfulJediskate79 23 votes
Canderous Ordo
Aycee1dennishsnyder57Kaidax 3 votes
Silent_Storm117ReworkGriev0us 2 votes


  • Canderous Ordo
    I guess your decision is clear.
  • Tbirds01
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    Anyone else? The vote is 50/50 right now.
  • Juhani
    There ya go. Even now
  • Emguy
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    Zaalbar zeta plus mission zeta is a very good combo. Canderous's zeta is useful but not nearly as good. Not sure what Juhani's zeta is yet because she's not on my OR team
  • VonZant
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    Gotta go with Z. Hes beastly. Also it allows him and mission to function on other teams, if needed.

    How is Carth working in GA? I'm seriously considering my next zeta for him.
  • Tbirds01
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    Thanks y’all! I put it on Zaalbar, and am very happy how it turned out.
    @VonZant I’ve only used Carth on offense in GA, but I’m very happy to say that he’s awesome taking down teams. His heal on his zeta is definitely worth it.
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