Does the Rancor Raid count damage during the phases or after you solo it?

Dear all,

I like to ask if we have the 10 mins no damage rule and everyone is able to solo it at the end of 10 mins, during the transition to phase 2,3,4 will the damage be recorded upon ending the phase (say in 3 mins) or will the damage will only recorded at the end of the run? thanks! If to say during the 5th min when the raid is still running, if a guildmate comes in and play, will he be able to start from p1 (if the solo raid is not over) or will the guildmate be only start in the phases that the raid records damage? thanks!


  • Nothing is posted until either you die, which ends your run, or you solo the raid and post, if no one posts ( dies or kills it). Anyone can join and start from phase 1 until the solo runs post
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