Returning player - need help good selection of chars.

I have a few characters but feel a little overwhelmed I did a raid and my best team netted like 40k compared to the millions my guild mates did. Can anyone point me to the right direction for my layout?
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  • I would restart and go for phoenix. you'll get a newer shard and re-learn the game, as it has changed significantly since you last played. good luck
  • What is the advantage to starting over not sure I understand why I should do that?
  • right now, you don't have almost any of the good toons. they were good back in the day, but now are really lacking.
    when you start over, you'll get a chance to focus on phoenix, and start arena with similar players. check out multiple Skelturix, McMole2 videos and tutorials and other game changers content to familiarize with what's good. max lvl is now 85, gear level is 12, a lot of new guild events - tw/tb, ships are relevant and journeys/legendary events that you need to know about. this way you'll have time to get to know all of those things, without everyone picking you apart
  • I've started on January 1st 2017. you've registered on before that. maximum daily activity, good guild, with several cheapest crystal packs have brought me this
  • If you start over you get placed in a new arena shard, if you start farming the right characters you can place very high in the beginning and get a lot of crystals. The arena shard you are in now has a lot of players who are ahead of you because you stopped playing, which is why you'll probably never get a high rank in arena, or fleet arena for that matter.

    After looking at your characters however, I wouldn't start over because you have developed some good characters. First make sure that you have 5 rebels at 7 star at a decent gear level, so you can clear the emperor event 7 star next time. You already have Lando, Leia and Old Ben and Ackbar, those are good.
    For the 5th you can use either Luke Farmboy, Wedge, Biggs or Stormtrooper Han. You want to gear and star those characters anyway because Luke and Han are needed for CLS and Wedge and Biggs are just good characters and they both have very solid ships.

    The next thing you want to do is get 5 7* empire toons to unlock R2-D2.
    You already have Royal Guard and Tarkin at 7* (gear Tarkin up) and you should be farming Darth Vader too in fleet store. If you have EP at 7* that gives you your next character, but because you don't know whether the Emperor event will return before the R2-D2 event comes back you want to farm 2 other characters just to be sure. I would go with TIE figher pilot, he's not that hard to farm, a good character with a good ship, and either snowtrooper, stormtrooper or magmatrooper, depending on who you can get to 7* with the least effort.

    Once you have R2-D2 and you have your Stormtrooper Han at 7* you can get CLS the next time, who is a very good character for about every aspect of the game.

    After that you want to make some other teams too. The bounty hunters are one of the best teams right now.
    You already have Boba Fett, Cad Bane and IG-88 so I would use them, and the best other two would be Jango Fett and Bossk. Both are hard farms so it would take time, but they are worth it. Jango's node also has Bossk's ship, the Hounds Tooth which is one of the best ships. Dengar is a very good bounty hunter too.

    Jedi are also very good right now, Yoda is one of the best characters is the game. Bastila Shan is a very good jedi leader but you don't have her unlocked so you could choose to ignore her. You already have quite some jedi unlocked, with what you have I'd go with a team with Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka, Barris and Aayla, so you can use Old Ben on a rebel team. You have Luminara developed but she's not a very good character so I'd drop her.

    Other good time are Nightsisters, Resistance and First Order, but you don't have that many characters developed. First Order will get you BB8 and Resistance with BB8 will get you Jedi Training Rey. You could choose to develop one of these teams but you already have a lot of characters to focus on and you don't want to spread yourself too thin.

    There's also Phoenix, they are a really solid team with a lot of synergy. You need them to unlock Thrawn, one of the best characters in the entire game. You want to have him at some point. Of course it's possible to ignore Phoenix and Thrawn, but I wouldn't recommend it. You don't have any of them unlocked but I'd start farming them. Hera, Ezra and Kanan are a must, for the other two I'd recommend Garazeb and Chopper since they are a lot easier to farm than Sabine.

    Last thing: I see you have Darth Nihilus unlocked. Gear him up! He's one of the best characters in the game and can fit into almost any team, regardless of factions.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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    Nergles wrote: »
    What is the advantage to starting over not sure I understand why I should do that?

    The advantage is, that you will be assigned to a new arena shard / group with players, who started at the same time as your new account. That will give you better rewards in the arena. However, it still requires that you play consistently every day and develop your roster well to keep up. If you play more casually, you will still drop to lower ranks on your new account.

    If you keep your current account, you will be able to raid heroic raids right away, and beat several of the individual events, which you wouldn't be for several weeks (maybe a few months) if you start over and play casually.

    There are both pros and cons. In the end, the most important is: What would be more fun for you?
  • Also make sure you're in a guild that farms Heroic Rancor and HAAT. It doesn't really matter if they don't farm Heroic Sith raid.
  • What charecter combo do you recommend for clearing GW everyday? I cant seem to get get past the last 2-3 teams.
  • Nergles wrote: »
    What charecter combo do you recommend for clearing GW everyday? I cant seem to get get past the last 2-3 teams.

    With what you have now right now I'd suggest a team with Lando (L) Leia, Old Ben, Rey and a 5th character. What I always did was have a team of 4 of my best characters for the first 6-8 nodes and each time swap in a different character as a 5th, then I'd try to make sure that person has a lot of turn meter when the battle ends. This way my top 10 characters all have some turn meter saved up and can go before the other team but 5 of them still have almost all of their protection. Also a team that can regenerate health or even protection works very good in GW. I ran a Wedge (L) and each time they score a critical hit or defeat someone they heal. I had Leia who gave everyone crit chance up so I healed all the time. So I think Wedge and Biggs are a very solid duo for GW. Once you get them leveled up you can use a team with them, Leia, Lando and Old Ben.
  • If you'd add just one more character to your roster, Bastila Shan, you'd have a much easier time clearing GW and a pretty decent arena team too. She's a tedious farm even with the additional node in Fleet, but her leadership ability is worth it. Being able to start each GW node with full protection bars, and double protection at that, makes a huge difference. If you run her with your Yoda, Old Ben, Qui-Gon and Barriss, you have a pretty solid team.
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