CHEWIE T7 HELP no dengar

Hi Guys i need help with wookiee tier 7, i have zBossk gear 12, zJango gear 12, Boba gear 12, Embo gear 11, Aurra gear 10

I cant get a sniff closest i have been is i took han down and got my payouts but then got destroyed

Can anybody help with Mods and what i should have on and also strategy, i have read through the ones already up but it seems its all about Dengar and i only have him 5 stars

Surely i must be able to do it with 2 zetas and highly geared characters?

Have attached pics of mods and stats7n2iuv4wawrc.jpg


  • Having no luck tried about 200 times....
  • I did it without Dengar, literally took 200-300 tries. I had zBossk(G12), zBoba(G12), Greedo(G11), Ig-88(G11), Cad Bane(G10). See if you can get your speed up to the 220 range, switching mods if necessary. I killed Chewie first, then Han, after that it gets a lot easier.
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    Yeah those speeds are quite low unfortunately.
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  • Get the 6000+ health gear on both Boba and Bossk lead, go for the 1500 or 2000 health on them too if you can, I spent about 30,000 TB credits I was saving for Hermit Yoda to get the yellow-level gear on them. Instead of Jango I had Greedo and Dengar at Gear 9 they got killed immediatly - my Bossk lead with Boba and Embo Gear 12 with my best Mods of course, is what did it - take out Chewy first then Han then Lea then Lando; R2 last. You’ll get it!
  • I did it and I didn’t switch mods , so this is very rng dependant and my first advice would be get dengar, I have g12 bossk, boba, gear 11 cad , greedo and ig88. Here’s what u need to do mod everyone with as much crit dam and chance as u can, here’s the hard part u need a specific rng roll, so han must freeze boba, then r2 must burn, and both cad and bossk must not have ability block, u wanna remove turn meter from han, mass attack chewie freezing him, cad bane freeze r2 , u then go ham on chewie, take him out focus on managing han and take him out , Take Lando out r2 and leia and your golden
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    I did it with zBossk (G12), zBoba (G12), Greedo, Cad, IG88 (G11). First you need a bit luck. Second, you need much more speed on Bossk and a bit more on Embo.
    Here's the guideline I followed:
    1) All BH should survive the first wave.
    2) Bossk has to move first and taunt (that means your Bossk needs way more speed)
    3) All BH debuff first target (ideally Chewie, but Lando is also fine).
    4) Boba has to move last and take first target out with his special.
    5) Take Chewie out asap. If not possible, restart.
    6) Never ever think of using Bobas AoE
    7) Keep on trying and trying and trying....
  • I think you have to make your boosk and boba to about 240 speed with boosk a bit faster. If Han stun your boosk or boba, restart the game.

    Take out R2 if the first move of R2 is smoke screen, otherwise target chewie.

    Use boba execute to bring big damage to bring down first enemy, this is not necessary to wait until the target can be ‘executed’. The best case is boosk taunt, boba execute ( it should deal a lot damage because of Han buff), and boosk immediate gain a turn, use haunt party to finish one enemy. If you can defeat an enemy, you have high chance of success.

    Don’t worry mate, I did that with G12zboosk,boba,G11 ig88, G10 cad and greedo, low gear level than you but higher speed than you. So i think your speed is the problem.
  • You say you took han out? Are you starting with him? Get Chewy first then Han after you stun or daze him. Otherwise he will punish you with counters.
  • Having no luck tried about 200 times....

    Have you tried Cad Bane lead, modded as fast as you can, Boosk the same. Their stuns being critical to crowd control. I know that if you AOE with Boba it triggers 1 of them to start a nice chain reaction that triggers Chewy to smash, but I imagine stunning the right toons first prevents that and Cad.Bane.lead should land those stuns and help with the detonators landing. I would think stunning R2 1st, then Han Solo would be the order of preference. Or... Stun r2, stun Han, try and kill Han quick and stun r2 again. Just from what I have seen from unlocking 5* Chewie, Han does the finishing.... If you can crowd control these toons it is ez mode. I am working on Cad boba greedo boosks and I have IG88. I wish I could do Dengar but I am farming too much as it is.
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    So it's been a while since last commented, but can you do it without dengar AND greedo. I have farmed jango and not greedo. Is this an issue? Or has someone done it with boosk, boba, jango, ig88, cad? Actually really curious to know
  • **autocorrect ^ denger not danger lol
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  • Eastryder wrote: »
    So it's been a while since last commented, but can you do it without dengar AND greedo. I have farmed jango and not greedo. Is this an issue? Or has someone done it with boosk, boba, jango, ig88, cad? Actually really curious to know

    I do it. I write a post. See there
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