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How do I go about resetting my account on iOS? I can sign out of the Game Center and will get the guest account in SWGOH, but as soon as I login to GC, it brings me right back to where I was... I want to completely remove the old data and start over, but I also want to use my normal GG account... is there any way to do this? I don't mind the guest account, but I would like a way to back up the data...


  • Kyno
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    So you can create a guest account and then reach out to customer service through the in game help button, they might be able to link the guest account to your game center account and thereby overriding the current account, but I'm not 100% sure they will do it.

    I would try that.
  • yeah, that's a good start... thanks!
  • I was able to chat with an EA rep... they got me migrated over... now, we get to start the build again :). Thanks for your help
  • MiMo1
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    I have a question about this route: does overriding the current account with the guest account get rid of ALL the save data for that Game Center account, or just the data in SWGOH?
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