New player / level 48 - didn’t know about Phoenix - should I restart

Hello all, was hoping to get some new player advice please. I’m level 48 and focussed on old style rebels plus Bob/Lando - read old guides :(

Lando / Boba / Leia / JC / RG get me to about 1000 SA rank. Also farming Old Ben / Biggs / StHan. All in the 3/4* range currently gear 5-6

Didn’t realise Phoenix was so essential. Should I restart and focus on Phoenix or keep the above for CLS and now focus fully on Phoenix? I’m fully FtP. Objective would be to get into the sub 500 rankings and setup well for the future.

This game rocks. Thank you


  • Easy enough to work on Phoenix now if you want to, No real reason to restart imo
  • No_Try
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    I wouldn't say you should restart as it's very early in the game. How many days has it been? Don't forget Px won't take you the long haul. It's also an intermediary team that should suffice until around 80-85 where you would want to go for a meta team.
  • Level 48 isn't nearly as far along as you seem to think. You have plenty of time to work on your Phoenix even switching now will still be fine.
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    Also the current gear on your arena team is absolutely nothing compared to what you'll have in a months time. We consider g8/purples where the real thing begins. And anything below g10 is generally considered too weak for use.
  • Jarvind
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    Just start on them now. No need to restart unless you happen to know that a brand new arena shard will be opening soon. Even then, probably not worth the hassle as you really aren't that far along.
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    Don't restart, but do start working on a few pilots. Ships unlock at level 60 and you need pilots before then if you want to go far in fleet arena, and the game fails to tell you that pilots are more important to a ship's performance than a ship's actual upgrades. Unlike the old guides, ships do matter, you get crystals from fleet arena just like regular arena, and ships are required for the best zeta farming, so don't ignore them like all the old guides suggest.
    Coincidentally, Phoenix are also all pilots, and their ships aren't bad. Boba and Jedi Consular are also pilots with good ships, though Boba's ship is hard to unlock at first. Biggs is a great pilot/ship, but goes much better in regular arena if you pair him with Wedge (who also has a useful ship, btw).
    So yes, start on Phoenix. Ezra in particular is a great character. Keep working on Boba, Biggs, and the CLS crew. Remember to get CLS you'll need R2, and that means an Empire team- TIE Fighter Pilot is a good character and good ship, Tarkin has a good capital ship, Vader is a good character with a great ship that is unfortunately hard to unlock. The rest of your Empire squad won't have ships to match them until you are much, much higher level.
  • I agree with the others that you don't need to restart, but I'm glad that I did even though my first account was already level 76 and I had invested some money in it. It's great to start over with a solid plan, and focus on the best starter toons from the beginning that will ensure you a good arena ranking early on and allow you to breeze through GW.

    Once you have a solid Phoenix team, you can transition to a Bastila-led Jedi team with your readily geared Ezra and Kanan. Add Old Ben as a second tank and whichever Jedi is easiest to farm in addition (they'll be swapped out for GM Yoda anyway). Lots of people on my relatively young arena shard used this strategy and still hold top arena ranks at level 80+. Later on, you can replace Kanan with GK and ultimately aim for a Revan-led team. At least that's where I'm headed with my new account.
  • Wow thank you ladies and gents. That’s amazing feedback - very kind.

    Ok I’ll keep going and start to farm Phoenix here and there with a focus on Ezra and Kanan (as I have QGJ and OB - so more jedis can’t short).

    Will also continue on some of my faves like boba, Leia and Biggs. Thanks again.
  • farm bastilla if you want to use a jedi team. You want her as leader. Biggs and Boba are good because of their ships. Leia you'll need for luke hero journey... can't go wrong on either of these 3.

    Phoenix is useless without hera though. You need to have 5 phoenix for them to shine and you need hera as leader. Get hera, ezra, chopper, zeb and kanaan to 5* at least asap. But ideally work them to 7* all fast.
  • No real reason to restart. You can easily start them now
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    it depends on what ur focuse is.
    Have a guy that only focuses on rebels his arena rank has dropped but still manages to reach top in fleet with assistance from guild mate.

    even though using wigs ship and ackbar without assist fleet which makes him limited and more difficult against versatile ship lineup that use tarkin.
    Have been days stuck outside top 5 but making adjustments to still reach payout we worked months to earn can be done.

    Don’t recommend it but at this point he is only focused on cls and ships and accepting arena standing until cls comes where he can move up again against jedi.
  • Don’t restart because you’re still low enough to get in the top ranks. Just start right away. I came back after 1 year of play just before Phoenix team came out. I eventually get in the top 100 for arena and top 20 in ships. If I want to get higher it seems I need to spend money, which I won’t because I’m free-to-play. I’m sure I can get higher with time. So, if I can get back in the top ranks then so can you! Or, you can always make a second account because having two is always fun! :)
  • I’m level 85, and I still haven’t geared up Phoenix up that much. I honestly never cared for them or Thrawn that much.
  • I knew about Pheonix with I think level 38 and started to hardcore farm them after that, now I am level 78 and I have everyone then Sabine (4 Stars) on 7 stars. They all have for my level maxed out skills and have equipment level 8+ so no reason to panic and start all over again. :)
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