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I have been waiting and hoping but to no avail. It appears the Galactic War Store is being neglected and is in need of attention.
Can there at least be a consumable added. All the other stores have some type of consumable. How about mod credits or something to that nature? When you max out on character and ship shards there is nothing else to spend the GW credits on.


  • Gifafi
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    Not changing. Use for shards fyi
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Devs said some time ago that gw, arena and cantina stores would not change. No point in saving gw tokens. Use them to get shard shop tokens and buy gear.
  • I’ll chime in in favor of adding a consumable to the GW store. If I could buy an omega for 1500 or a purple mat for 500, I’d seriously consider it over more shard currency.
    I demand Grand Arena Elo ratings.
  • I have 111.2K credits in the Galactic War store with nothing to spend them on. Can't you rotate the offerings in the store or as stated above, add a consumable?
  • I have 111.2K credits in the Galactic War store with nothing to spend them on. Can't you rotate the offerings in the store or as stated above, add a consumable?

    That's a lot of wasted shard shop currency. 21,128 shard shop currency (if you buy ship blueprints over character shards) is a lot of gear.
  • Ladislav
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    It is not going to happen. Stores are dead because currencies were not designed well in the first place. There will be plenty of players who hold large amounts of different currencies. Adding a new character to those stores would just give it to those players for free. If currencies have expiration and you have to spent them within few days, this problem would not exist.

    The only scenario where I can imagine new characters in different stores is when all farming nodes become full and some old characters which were there for years will be moved to stores and replaced on nodes by new marquee characters. But filling all nodes will not happen anytime soon and there are still plenty of characters available on nodes and in stores. Those characters could be removed from nodes first without adding anything new to stores.
  • I'm in agreement for rotating the characters in GW store. They are already doing it for the Guild Store, it would not be so hard to update the GW Store the same way.
  • I just wish they would change the frequency of the ships on the top row, there are a few that show up there sometimes that I haven't finished yet, but much less frequently than ones already at 7*.
  • I was wondering the same thing. (Feb 9, 2020) :^) ... I suggest the following if you have maxed out all available Characters... Buy all 3 stacks of ships from the Galactic War Store(GWS) and sell the excess in the Shard Store(****) for 76/4*3=228 Shards (The Character stacks sell for 75/5*3=225). Buy all 3 stacks of ships until you deplete all of our GWS currency. Keeping about 2000 GWS currency in case a ship that you need cycles through later in the day. This will give you a greater amount of **** to purchase General Grievous (GG) and other material needs. Maintaining a balance of over 2000 GWS shards is useless.
  • Be a great spot to add in the useless toons we'll never justify farming anyway.
    Jut so we could collect them for fun.
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