Galactic War Store

I have been waiting and hoping but to no avail. It appears the Galactic War Store is being neglected and is in need of attention.
Can there at least be a consumable added. All the other stores have some type of consumable. How about mod credits or something to that nature? When you max out on character and ship shards there is nothing else to spend the GW credits on.


  • Gifafi
    810 posts Member
    Not changing. Use for shards fyi
  • Devs said some time ago that gw, arena and cantina stores would not change. No point in saving gw tokens. Use them to get shard shop tokens and buy gear.
  • I’ll chime in in favor of adding a consumable to the GW store. If I could buy an omega for 1500 or a purple mat for 500, I’d seriously consider it over more shard currency.
    I demand Grand Arena Elo ratings.
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