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    By the way, did we ever get clarification on whether banned toons' ships would be allowed? Because that would be a major handicap, especially if a capital ship pilot gets banned. Also shows they didn't think this one out too much.

    Only thrawn is in the list, for the next one.

    5 other pilots

    Actually, I think there are 12 pilots on the line :s

    Ya I didn’t count the ones on the devs list
  • I want tw to be normal and have different bonuses for characters or factions each month that would be fun. They should keep the weird stuff to grand arena. Tw has been a constant for a year now dont radically change it.
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    The backbone of what exactly? And actually, no. P2P would have plenty of other P2P players to play against/with. Because, well, that's how it is today. The guilds our guild faces aren't F2P, and we consistently have new guilds to play against. We have similar numbers of Revan and Trayas and what have you, for the most part. And we'll all have the replacements to fill in for the restricted characters.

    That said, I haven't paid for a mobile game... until this one, and it's due to your point below...it's the star war. P2P is the backbone, keeping the lights on, keeping the servers running, keeping investors happy. 'Merica.
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    And let's also not forget, they're using a forum which represents a percentage, and not even close to a majority, of the player base to vote on this. And, this forum has many F2P whiners, so I'm really glad their votes will help dictate whether or not the people that pay to improve their rosters, and thereby keep the game running, can use their full rosters. Brilliant. (if you don't pay to play at all it you're not helping the game, very important to remember that)

    The game wouldn't exist without F2P. P2P would quickly have no one to play against. Very important to remember that.

    And a lot of people become P2P after starting out F2P, because... star wars!

    F2P is the backbone of the game. P2P keeps it funded.

    Always one person that tries to turn every thread into ftp vs ptp
  • Adding cool mutators to a game mode = awesome.
    Taking away characters we spent months gearing up = not awesome...
    Maybe next time CG should pitch the idea to a sample group of new and veteran players before going forward with crazy ideas like this. Its already a struggle to keep our guild's members from getting burned out and quitting this game, don't give them more reasons to quit.
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    Territory Wars without being able to use some characters sounds like a stupid idea to me, and that seems to be the general consensus in my guild chat.
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    Gaming community : Activision blizzard is becoming the most hated gaming company around
    CG/EA: dammit we lost the title! quick think if the most bass ackwards you can and implement it without consulting the community or testers first.

    My question.. how drunk or high where the devs to believe this to be a good idea.

    Honestly its actually been quite a fun watch between all the gaming companies as to who wants to be the most hated, Nintendo for its lack of wanting anything community based because they went and placed lawsuits against all fansites and have made all the legit sites remove all their roms for fear or being nintendo attacked,

    Blizzard because Activision because "we all have phones".

    EA: Hold my beer.


    Edit: Also forgot about that new fallout game that's been terrible, but who plays that?
  • Innovation = creative thoughts. Not stupidity
  • @Zizzyqorok most ppl including myself agree 100%
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    By the way, did we ever get clarification on whether banned toons' ships would be allowed? Because that would be a major handicap, especially if a capital ship pilot gets banned. Also shows they didn't think this one out too much.
    Only thrawn is in the list, for the next one.
    Lots of good ship crew members, though. Bossk, TFP, KRu just to name a few.

    So, try something new.
    At least not the same ships team again and again everytime, everyday, like the arena.

    Newsflash: Not everyone has the luxury of a vast fleet roster.
  • This is a horrible idea. I am from a TW guild and spent considerable time and lots of money building specific rosters.
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    New Years is over. Time to sober up and put out this dumpster fire of an idea.
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    I see on here everyone complaining about what the devs are doing with the next TW, I personally like it. It's only one TW why is everyone so aggravated by it? They clearly said they are gonna do a ton more other things in the future so just wait for one you really like. You've had a year of the same TW it was time to change it up. Thank you devs now I wont have to kill myself to get through a wall of revans!

    Alternatively, you’ll see Revan and be short a host of characters you need, putting you even further behind.

    If this was a way for two guilds to block certain characters at the start of their TW match, it would be interesting and fun. As it is now it won’t matter to the the top bracket beyond extra work finding a few new comps. While it can blindly upset other matches where the characters are needed by one guild in the war to be an even match.

    Even then it’s not limited by the actual players, anyone can drop a vote... regardless of actually playing the game... so it’s forum community and not player community.
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    That said, I haven't paid for a mobile game... until this one, and it's due to your point below...it's the star war.

    Which is why free to play is so important for the game. And why I'd argue its remained successful (so far anyway!). There are a lot of "free to play" players who have probably dropped a bit of cash here and there.

    Anyway. None of this really matters.

    The opinions of both P2P and F2P players are both important. The game relies on a mix of both types of players to succeed.

    And regardless of whether you paid in money or paid in time, you still won't be able to use those characters you paid for when they're excluded.
  • This doesn't make any sense. Definitely not excited to do this survey. No matter what groups get chosen, we're going to end up missing key members for each party. If I had an essentially paywall/time intensive character like Revan already (plus all the gear and Zetas to make him viable), I would be livid if he was banned.

    I just unlocked Chewbacca at 7 stars a day ago and was about to zeta him... I guess I'll hold off since he might get banned from the event. I spent A LOT of resources getting BH ready for that event this time around. We're talking Bossk going from Gear 8 to 12 in like 3 days and I added a zeta too, but he might not being able to be used now. Should I just put all my best mods on the characters I know won't be barred from use before it starts? Guess I'll move my best ones to my G8 Jawa team.
  • Way to punish players for their investments. We're all oozing with a 'sense of pride and accomplishment."
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    I think we all need to put the pitch forks down and actually let it play out in these next TWs before we pass judgement. As a high end (5 million GP) player I must admit I live Grand Arena. It is a fresh and exciting game mode. As for TW, it had become super stale. It’s the same defensive and offensive teams over and over. Only a handful of guilds can buy all the new toons and utilize them right away. TW suffers from not having too many high end elite guilds. Once you leave the top 5ish, the other guilds don’t stand a chance at beating them. I say embrace the change and lets see what happens.

    As a 5 million GP player, you have the benefit of 1. Having a roster that competes in all game modes 2. Having the option of using your newly acquired resources as “fun” spending on whatever you want.

    It does nothing for you to spend on other toons to build them up because you have the base.

    Let us not forget some important things:

    1. Leveling, starrring, modding 1, just 1, character takes a lot of time and resources
    2. As 1 is true, we have to farm that which has competitive use
    3. TW rewards are consistently one of the best sources of zetas— thus the game mode that has driven FARMING

    Most gamers are NOT 5million GP players and as such WE do not have the base selection of toons compete in this new mode of TW.

    —>. The game’s limited access to gaming materials itself limits access to this new TW mode. It does not impact you, with the 5 million roster, because you can spare the materials— the rest of us cannot.
  • Yeah, new teams to try and to face.
    Tired of same team over and over again.
  • Bad idea, poorly implemented, with crap communication. Who actually thought excluding characters in a game driven by character collecting and developing was a good idea?
  • Putting in my two cents with the community... I DON"T LIKE THIS NEW SUGGESTED GAMEPLAY!! The temporary changes to select characters was fun and different, and I'm all for more of this, but suggesting to limit characters is not, and defeats the efforts of players who work toward building these teams.
  • Is this an April Fools Day prank that was accidentally released early? From reading pages of complaints, this must be the logical answer. April/January Fools!
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    So heres my suggestion for the new TW Shake UP, how about, we take both player pools from both guilds in a TW, and combine them...and then randomly assign them to like Team A and Team B and you can play random TW with your opponents! BTW Kudos to CG for coming up with a way to take this stale game mode and breathe new life in it. and to all the Haters i say this, You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em THINK.
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    So you took the only non-broken game mode and are kittening it all up. Seriously, every other mode needs something. The raids are kitten outdated with worthless reward structures. TB is a joke and is only about kitten GP. GA you kitten wait 24 hours to find the kitten you are kittening fighting didn"t set D, so now you have nothing to do and just wasted time setting your defense. This is a kitten joke.

    The best kitten part is that there is a 99.99% chance that this will be bugged.

    I'll tell you what. You tell me what toons I invested in that I can play, and I'll pick the stocks in your 401k.

    Note: Kitten was added to make the mods life... well better, but really, after this announcement they should have just turned off the phone and went to the bar.
    Do or Do not.

    DarthBarron (Kevin, aka KevWalker)

  • I couldn’t agree more with Smoot Raider! Looking forward to my BH quest is one of the only ways I have been trying to make it through the horrible grind of old republic. Now that is gone. Bad move
    But, but...I'm working on Dengar's BH quest. Zero TWs in December. And now there's a chance he may not be usable in the first of only 2 TWs for Jan?!?!?!?


  • I registered an account just so I can comment on this game spolier.

    TW was 1 of the most enjoyable part of the game. In fact, i nearly quit until TW came about. It encourages the players to build and showcase a squad of toons. Not just an arena squad.

    The GA is flawed, the match up are mostly unbalanced, especially against long time player like us who have GP inflated by past meta. The 3v3 was nonsense, totally spoiled the concept of the game.

    I was very upset when TW was replaced by GA in Dec. Now that it's back, we are not able to use toons that we have built up over the years! Looks like CG has grown tired of servicing this game and is trying to wind up the game. And its doing a pretty good job.
  • Hey, cool. I was hoping I could grind away for months on characters I can't use.
  • Phew! 6.5 hours since the thread was posted and we have 19 pages of largely negative feedback... I don't think even the sith raid feedback thread was like this. Lol, how do these people still have jobs?
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