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    For me personally, it will be the beginning of the end. Just call it money lost.. as TW was what I enjoyed most playing as a team and if I don't enjoy that aspect anymore then I'll find a new game to play.

    I get it. Hope it doesn’t come to that.
  • Lol....so basically , those of us that have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to bolster our rosters in order to specifically use these toons in tw, (most of us see tw as our favorite event), but now we are voting to see who we can use and can not? When the initial 6 dot mods came out swgoh lost the majority of the paying community; then, rightfully so, they apologized , took it back , rethought it, and swgoh was stronger than ever. Well, your about to lose alot of us again. This time i know i wont come back....and i have tons of friends that wont either. Re think this before you ban characters that ur whale and kraken community have spent thousands of dollars on specifically for an event your about to mess with. Thank you.
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    Give guild leaders the option to opt out of stupid stuff like this.

    You do have an option...don't sign up for the event.
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    This is honestly the first change that I thought of to mix things up, but I didn't think that it would happen b/c it temporarily invalidates investments made and I knew this would be the initial reaction. But it will make every TW different and it was very stale. I'm not going to miss going through 8 zones of the same 4 teams TW after TW. It will be fun deciding do I sub a character or replace the whole team. If they do get to do another one, I would guess the 28 characters banned from this TW will be safe and it will be new all over again.
  • This is terrible. You are doing a terrible job
  • CG this is not only a very bad idea it's a huge mistake. The community is outraged by this. TW has been one of the better modes in the game as a whole, but now you guys are just ruining it. I personally don't like GA at all. We either get people who won't attack, or get matched with people who we have absolutely no chance of beating; because GP involves too many aspects. But TW is a whole guild participation thing, and that is exciting. Please reconsider this idea.
  • I am fundamentally against bans. I think they disrespect the resources I put into obtaining the character. Whether that is effort, time and planning (as is moslly the case with me) or money invested, the decision to remove a character from my roster that may not have to be removed from an opponents roster is an unfair competitive advantage. It's not like the game is based on everyone being able to obtain (easily) everything. So the removal of a toon is a direct assessed nerf to a player. It's a resource management game and this cuts at its core.

    Buffs and adjustmenst to characters and factions are good. So are a bunch of other strategic ideas being floated. Heck, buff jawas and uggie and finally reward the HAAT players who geared them to be OP in that raid, but do not disrespect the time I have spent building my current roster.
    Do or Do not.

    DarthBarron (Kevin, aka KevWalker)

    There’s always the option of sandbagging. Here’s why:

    1) matchmaking isnt fully tweaked to avoid sandbaggers as of now. Whatever it had been tweaked for, well your meta toons are gonna be out of the computation now.
    2) u bet loads of guildies wont want to play this mode. It’ll be a cakewalk finding people to sit out.
    3) this handicap hurts the victims of sandbagging the most. At 20m gp lower, your guild still has options, while they might just get stuck behind some 2nd tier meta team.

    The only way to make them do something is to break it hard, like what c3po did.
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    Why do developers tend to destroy their good running games by unpopular decisions?

    Because they need something to do. When you have monthly and quarterly goals for "feature releases" you will come to a point where you need to make stuff up just to have something to do!

    It's a money grab to force people to panic farm/gear toons that got left by the wayside so they now have filler for their squads.
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    Why do developers tend to destroy their good running games by unpopular decisions?

    Because they need something to do. When you have monthly and quarterly goals for "feature releases" you will come to a point where you need to make stuff up just to have something to do!

    It's a money grab to force people to panic farm/gear toons that got left by the wayside so they now have filler for their squads.

    That too...
  • It is a very bad idea to take thing away from players. It is a good idea to give things to players eg buffs, special abilities like what you did with the last round of TW.
  • This idea is not good.
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  • I have been trying to get Bastilas Shan and Enfys Nest to strength and now you are going to ban at least one if not both? I didn't spend money on them but came close - now the only thing really closed is my wallet!
  • How about doing a survey which asks the question is this a good idea ?
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    So, based on the feedback that we all loved ADDING buffs to otherwise "meh" toons that are guilty pleasures many of us have - providing impetus for the ACTUAL fun of theory-crafting about how to use the new capabilities - we get ham-fisted ELIMINATION of key toons and breaking of established teams. This forces those of us who do the planning grunt work trying to organize the rosters of 50 people to throw out months of work to figure out which teams are viable and who has the required substitutes for banned toons. It's like taking the worst part of TW (grunt work of getting defenses organized) and marrying it to the worst part of TB...(finding and filling viable platoons - even with bots to help). Have any of you at CG actually done the planning and grunt work to get the most out of a guild's rosters for TW? If you had, you would know that this is about as far from "fun and playful" as you can get if you are in anything other than a casual guild. Thank you for doing nothing but creating a ton of grunt work culling through rosters to fill the holes you create.

    PLEASE PLEASE go back to creating ACTUAL fun ADDING to the game, rather than throwing a monkey wrench into things by breaking stuff many of us spent way more time than we probably should have to get working.

    NOT fun and NOT playful!!!
  • 40% of the choices include screwing my only G12 squad.... months of gear grind, then all of the sudden the squad is not usable. Really this is not fun and playful... just luck of the vote result that one did not gear grind what gets banned by votes. This is gonna suck the fun out of TW. To quote Han Solo - "I've got a bad feeling about this."
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    @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Carrie @CG_TopHat

    Currently this thread has more replies than any other thread in the first 10 pages of the General Discussion section. Aside from one for Grand Arena that was created almost 2 months ago.

    In these replies there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who think you have read your data wrong. From a quick tally up of the first few pages about 80% of the community thinks this is a bad idea.

    I also think it is a bad idea for 3 main reasons:
    6 of the characters that might be removed are marquee characters from last year, some people spent money and bought them at the beginning, some waited and farmed them, some spent a little and farmed them in shipments. Everyone put time into those characters however to build them up to be usable in TW, you know a game mode you created to allow us to use more of our rosters.

    Then we have 9 Raid/Legendary characters everyone who has any of these put time in, from building rosters, working with their guilds to craft teams, timing raids correctly to allow for maximum participation, spending sometimes months working with their guild until they crack Heroic and can start getting those shards. I am not talking just about guilds who are farming Heroic Sith, a lot of new players will have just started farming Rancor, unlocking Han Solo or General Kenobi. Raid and Legendary characters take a lot of time to get and build up.

    Territory Wars is tough, we 'have' to use 3rd party websites and tools to get the advantage in Territory Wars, many guilds have Officers who are in charge of where teams are placed, and team composition. Guilds who are competitive put a lot of time into this game and to see this idea only puts a dampener on the whole thing. I can only assume you understand what it is like having little time to meet deadlines, the Event Calendar post from yesterday I think is testament to rushing to meet a deadline. Well imagine having to re do 192 squads from 50 different Guild members because now we can't use Traya, Han, CLS, Thrawn etc.

    People are annoyed at the seeming lack of thought that went into this, no thought was paid to people who pay for their characters, no thought was paid to guild leaders and officers, no thought was paid to people who have spent months working to unlock Legendary and Raid characters.

    I am not all doom and misery however I did like the Clone Wars 10th Anniversary changes even if they were a tad over powered, a G8 Mace Windu taking out a full G12 Sith team was a little unbalanced. However I thought something in the same thread as that, making Qui Gon Jinn more powerful, letting Darth Maul revive etc would be a fun mechanic to add if it was toned down and changed for different characters.

    In short, I will not be voting, I do not feel right removing someones favourite character they have spent months working towards out of the game mode. I would like you to rethink this 'fun' idea and actually look at what the community wants, the opening post in this thread eludes to the prospect that you do listen to the community. Maybe you could be courteous enough to reply to some of the comments people have made to you as well.

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    Immediate concern is, how much time per day is this going to take? I took it easy last week and my screen time was down 37% to just 3.5 hours per day...amazingly, and perhaps disturbingly, that's not even an exaggeration.

    Point is, for a mobile game there's already some fairly hefty time commitments involved in the game if you're part of an active guild. Has this been considered? What about offsetting time required with some QoL shortcuts elsewhere to compensate?
    We hear you, the time commitment was another big topic we examined closely with this feature. We don't want this to turn into hours and hours of work. This should be a fun way to compete with players of a similar level

    A quote from @CG_SBCrumb in the Grand Arena thread. I go back to my closing argument thought was not put into this. If you thought about time spent for Grand Arena you certainly didn't for this Territory Wars change.
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  • I very rarely post on the forums, but with this change to TW I had to. Imagine that your car manufacturer sent you an email saying “We really appreciate you buying our vehicle. To show you how much, next week we will be turning off your radio, heat, cruise control and power windows! Please leave us a good review on social media!!!” This is essentially what you are doing to us this TW. Many of us spent good money developing these toons, not to mention time to mod and gear them, and now you have decided to ban 10% of our roster! How will this be fun? This is supposed to be a fun game, and no this TW, which we haven’t been able to play in over a month, will not be fun because of this decision. Please, please, please reconsider this.
  • Leave Territory War alone please. It's fine as is. These tweaks are no good.
  • If they proceed with a move like this, I believe they will subsequently nerf Finn zeta too. . . start 2019 off with a bang! Amiright?
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    How about doing a survey which asks the question is this a good idea ?

  • Long time player/lurker. I finally created an account to express my displeasure at this. Usually, I try to go with the flow and just have fun. But, seriously, spending countless hours and paying money to level up toons just to have them randomly not available is rediculous. Make this a new game mode, if you think it's a good idea.

    Different faction bonuses make for interesting wrinkles in tw, like them or not, but dont totally erase your characters. I just think this is a horrible idea.

    Thanks for (hopefully) reading. Flame away, im going back under my rock. :)
  • Have enjoyed GA so far, especially the 3v3. Continue to experiment there and leave TW alone please.
  • What a great thing that I've spent so much time getting teams ready for TW. Now I have to make those same decisions all over again for EVERY SINGLE TW. Only without the established team dynamics we all have spend years studying!

    I was wondering what I was going to do with those many hours I have with nothing to do. Guess I'll relearn the game every few days.

  • I really and truly don't like this idea myself it is stupid and absorb. It is also breaking up squads that we have worked hard on developing please don't change TW
  • The game already has multiple backdrops for various battles and events. So why not use those backdrops as locations for territory wars and, depending on the location, give the characters associated with those backgrounds bonuses?

    For instance, you could have Territory Wars: Death Star. In this location you give the Empire faction a bonus. Nothing too crazy. Something like all Empire characters get +%20 potency and +%15 critical damage. The semantics could be worked out easily.

    So depending on the scene, each faction could get a "home team" bonus that reflects the spirit of the character. Empire toons rely on debuffs, so they get bonuses to reflect that. Jedi rely on buffs, so they could get increased tenacity, and so on.

    I think that would go over better than just simply restricting toons people spent resources on. Just my 2 cents
  • Bad idea ..... I would be ok if it was a one time thing but not on a continual basis
  • Well, it seems the community is speaking. I guess we'll see now how much CG is listening. Have played since the inception, and this is really a bad idea. Change is good in some cases to keep a fresh outlook on strategy, but not everything needs to be messed with. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
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