CG, let's have a talk about TW

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It seems you have misjudged our reaction to past TWs.

The community's positive feedback to the bonuses and such, especially the unique bonuses for Clone Wars, are simply for the BONUSES. Yes, we like bonuses for teams such as FO, NS, BH, you name it... What we dont like are restrictions.

Im sure a lot of people have different opinions on TWs. Some hate it, some love it, some do it simply for the guild. While GA might come close, TW would have to take the number one spot on my list. You get to coordinate with your guild, have fun crushing fools as a community of 50 people, devise an offensive and defensive strategy...Rufus 123Movies GoMovies

These restrictions you want to impose on our rosters for TW is not "fun", is not "playful". TW still remains the most competitive mode we have and Im sure many others will agree. Imposing these restrictions will rip apart so many teams my guild and I have farmed, worked hard on, geared and even spent money for. For example, the OP toons Revan and Traya...

Many people have worked hard in hstr (or to even get to a hstr guild) to unlock Traya and many people dished out their wallets/hoarded crystals to get Revan. You, CG, are literally killing the fun of TW.

Even other meta toons like cls and jtr are essential to the defensive and offensive strats. With a number of these toons restricted (28 toons in total), we'll be left with the scraps of teams and many people wont be able to compete because they wont have any teams left!

This is all very disappointing. Please change this. You have time. And please, for the love of everything in this World, do not do this again because this is a very bad idea. This is a very annoying, **** way of doing TW that we do not want.

Also, note, TW is just as competitive as GA. Individuality, which is what GA is, does not equal competitiveness. TW is equally or even more compeititve as GA because you get to work as a group to defeat another group.
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