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    I dont see a flaw in the game mode... i see a gamble of a strategy by your opponent. They gambled you couldnt beat their ships. They were right.

    They sacrificed the points for setting defensive squads to increase the odds they'd win on offense. They just took the trade-off we all measure to the extreme.

    It's not a gamble, it's literally nothing but a bad decision. If that player had set his 30 weakest characters in those spots, he would have won by a much larger margin.

    You have a good point here. You still aren't factoring in the fleet points above. In my case I only have 5 character slots. My opponent gets 270 for the clear and he gets 550 for setting defense. My goal then is 821. My 2nd best fleet would take his top fleet easily. So I'll get about 200 there + the 100 for setting a fleet on d. So Had I given up my 450 pts, I'd likely clear his characters without an issue. I get 345 for clearing his character defense (270 plus the 15 pts per win). So we are at 645 and I need 176 to win. 30 pts for first try. Just getting each battle on the first attempt pretty much covers that.

    You are correct though. Setting no defense isn't as good as setting poor defense in this go around. Even if you attack a garbage d with 1 toon then you get a max of 384 pts where the person setting that gets 540. They do win by more. So I guess Fleet d can win this championship
  • Nice one i do love the game guess i just thought i had lost unfairly but realied i hadnt hense the apology
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    He did win

    BWAHAHAHAHA, that is the GA for you. Good for your opponent, he just out smarted you and the game. I like that guy. Looks like its time you @ Jamesy to upgrade your fleet.

    Ok if you are happy for it to work like this good for you most of us would like to see it run properly

    Run properly?!?!?!? That's about as proper as you can get, he took the risk and he got the reward. I would guess he knew he could defend on fleet and beat yours. Congrats to that guy for thinking outside the box. GA is about strategy and it appears your opponent had a pretty good one. It make me want to try it some time.
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    Look at it this way - if he had populated defensive fleets, he still would have won. If you can't beat his ships, you can't win against him.

    He actually gave you a lot more points than you would have had if he'd set defenses.

    If you kill a squad in combat, you get a maximum of 64 points. If he doesn't set a squad on defense, he sacrifices 90 points (that you earned by setting your defenses). That means that for every squad he didn't set, he gave you a 26 point advantage - and you still lost.

    Well said..... Finally someone who gets it!
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