Please don't use this layout for GA again.

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To me, this layout was really lackluster.

Zero strategic implements, pretty lame rewards in my opinion (the credits from winning battles are probably better rewards) and since GA you do it 3 times in a row it becomes even more apparent how uninteresting this layout was.

With just 2 zones, all you do is just match your team's against each other and that's it. No deception, or hiding teams behind other teams. Just literally 6 fights.

If you have less offensive/defensive teams than your opponent, your only hope is for them to mess up.

If you have the advantage with a stronger roster, just pick the right counter and win. There's nothing else to it.

Please don't use the 2 zone horizontal layout again.


  • Kyno
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    I was really hoping they would have run GA with a GW style map where there are nodes and we could have set up the links as we want to make the map and force the strategy a little more.

    This particular one is just nothing, no strategy at all.... hopefully they dont do this one again.
  • I like this one. Forces you to use good teams on defense since everyone is vulnerable.

    It’s a different challenge than the segmented maps where you can protect weaker squads.

    Every GA is a puzzle with a different challenge is all.
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  • I agree with NicWester, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit because of the different tactical puzzle it presented. Some of that is, I suspect, because I'm a lower-GP player (~2m, started about one year ago). So the people I'm getting matched with aren't people with fully-developed rosters, but partial collections of good-but-not-amazing teams, largely.

    My final round was against the one player in our 8 who had Traya. I was expecting to lose, but I managed to win narrowly by choosing my defensive teams well and planning ahead for my inability to beat his Traya team. He failed to take both of my territories and I took his ship territory, which was enough for me to net the win.

    Having fleets be worth significantly more (1/2 of all territories, rather than 1/4) and having all defensive teams on immediate display was an interesting wrinkle to me, and I remain completely satisfied with the GA experience thus far.
  • At around 1.5m GP, I also found it an interesting challenge.
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