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Curious if others see the big difference in top squads. I am way down so I cant see the whole team, just the leaders but I keep seeing threads where people are bored fighting the same top 10 teams over and over and if I look at my top 10 the leaders they are all different!

I am on an early December server so its pretty deep. I have 7*, level 70, 25K+ power teams down in the 300's and even deep into the 400's.

Example: this is my current top 10 leaders for my server.
QGJ, Poe, Sid, Daka, Phasma, Lumi, HK47, Poggle, Ventress and then a first repeat of Sid.

Again, I cant see their full team but that seems pretty diverse.


  • Toukai
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    There is more diversity now than there ever has been, despite all the complaining on the forums.

    When the game was out, Droids ruled the heavens. Then Phasma came and it was a sea of helmets, but droids were still there.

    Now we have a speed meta with Jedi's which were almost unplayed due to the jedi hate from dooku/maul/sid.

    Honestly, there are several teams rocking the leader borads: Droids, QGJ jedi, STHan+Poe+3DPS, Rex/5s teams, Phasma proc teams.... and thats just off the top of my head.

    Each one can win, some more than others, but it's at least not just droids/phasma 24/7 anymore.
  • I think after this next Yoda event we'll see more diversity. My server isn't overly diverse. I've seen the random Rebel and Resistant team here and there, but by in large most teams are Sid, Lumi, Dooku, X, Y or Sid, Lumi, GS, X, Y. That's not very diverse.
  • If they made Leia more easily farmable then you would start seeing Rebel teams too with Ackbar lead, Leia, HRS, Han, and one other.
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  • LaLiam
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    Behold: Diversity, each team has a unique twist, some of everything.
  • ASD_Dad
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    Makes me wonder if the people complaining about the same old same old are on younger servers. I like seeing that much of a difference. I switch my squad up even though I am middling 300 rank! I dont mind being down there and have fun seeing how squads do.
  • I am in a new-ish server, joined in mid January I believe, and in the 50+ range I see a lot of diversity. Of course the sample very big, but even in the top 10 I see very diverse leaders. I faced a Nightsister's team with Talia lead the other day, and a Clone team with Rex. Lumi is a very common lead, as well as Dooku and QGJ. I run a pretty "standard" lineup: QGJ (lead), JC, Lumi, Sid, Phasma/Dooku (Dooku only if I'm facing another QGJ team, so I can get stun and stop an assist). So yeah, pretty diverse in my server.
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