nest or mission

Which is better now, nest after the nerf or mission teamed up with zaalbar?


  • For what purpose? I think Nest is probably still really good. I see her on teams at the top of the shard. But Mission has her uses (REVAN)
  • I have mission at 7☆, there's a good tw team that nest and zaalbar are in. Wondering if I could change out nest for mission
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    Nest is still great after the bug fix that is only relevant when fighting against Jedi Knight Revan or Jango Fett and is more versatile than Mission and Zaalbar
  • Depends on what you plan to do with them. Nest and Z&M can be used effectively both on offense and defense, (especially on defense using that team), so it really depends. Mission is good for the synergy, but Nest is just good all around. Personally I save Nest for offense because she's can tank a lot of stuff solo, but sometimes I use her on defense.
    If you're not using that team, then Nest is imo preferable on defense becasue otherwise you won't have the extra protection of another tank for Mission - plus Z&M can deal some pretty rad damage on offense.
    It really does just depend on the situation, they're wonderfully flexible like that.
  • I run NestSisters on defense so I put Mission with Qira.
  • , nest after the nerf

    Never was a Nerf, just the Ultra 1st said
  • Nest can be used anywhere, so adding mission to Zaalbar team gives flexibility for you to choose where to use Nest.
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