I like the puzzles. I think you guys do a great job with them. But maybe the next puzzle could lead to an answer that isn’t guessed it the first 5 minutes. Solving the puzzle to get the answer you were already 95% sure was the answer. Not as much fun. Maybe a little misdirection next time.


  • The puzzle is for the next character/ship....it's not the community manager's fault that people speculated the OT Falcon based on leaks....they can't make up a puzzle to lead to something that isn't being released. It's not like anyone is forced to participate in the puzzles....they are just for fun.
  • I love the puzzles. Terrific engagement with the community. There’s a TON of brain/computing power on the forums. So expecting them to take a long time to solve is unreasonable.
  • Kyno
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    Maybe you should also being asking people not to leak information, it's just as much their fault that some of the puzzle was guessed.
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