SIM Galactic War

Since the number of victories in the galactic war has been decreased to 50, I think that also the level in which you can start sim should decrease, because this achievement can be reached faster. Maybe 50 wins and level 80, which is not too low but is reasonable imho


  • Against.

    I think that the number 50 was chosen so that you get the ability to sim right around level 85, since turning level 85 and getting your 50th win should happen pretty close to each other. Level 80 happens a good month before level 85. I don't think it would really work very well.

    Also, there's a whole lot of content that opens at level 85. Getting to sim GW is necessary to be able to spend the extra time on the new content, but it's not necessary at level 80 - at least not for the same reason.
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