Daka as an end game healer

Hey so I started playing about 3 days ago and get real lucky from bronzium pack and got old daka 4*. I've read she isn't good at end game cause a lack of hp but since I already have her at 4* I'm wanting to bring her up. Is this worth it or am I better off just levelling lumi and JC?


  • Daka and Lumi is goodl...but depends on your setup too.
  • J7000
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    Level her up. They are rebalancing many toons so anything can change. She is very unique as a Dark side toon
  • Abyss
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    Daka is best dark healer, definatly star her up. Ppl say not good at endgame meaning she sux in the arena i think. Dif teams for dif battles tho so yea, she is top notch for sure
  • I think she is the best healer now. Mainly because she can stun.

    With the Barris nerf she is going to be the best healing option to counter Sid and Kylo Ren teams who basically will render normal healers obsolete on defense.

    I don't see anyway to reliably defend in the arena now and my 4* team is now beating people with 6-7* teams and 2 levels on me. Good news is I no longer feel pressure to spend to keep up.
  • She also probably doesn't get one-shot by darth maul's aoe that one-shots most jedi now...
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    She also probably doesn't get one-shot by darth maul's aoe that one-shots most jedi now...

    Exactly that buff is beyond ****. I'd understand maybe 5% upgrade or even 10% but double? Why have the devs started smoking crack and smoked themselves ****? Literally maul was already really strong and now he's broken strong. Then they have the audacity to nerf old Ben. He has 1 good move and otherwise is basically a bariss for damage.
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    I have daka at 6* now and I would say she is more of a revive utility with a bit of healing rather than a full healer you can rely on throughout a battle!
    Daka's main problem is that her heal isn't very powerful (around 2.4k for me) when JC at same level heals for around 3.5, and she is super squishy with her low defence and low hp. Also Daka's heal is on a slightly longer cd. The real power of power lies in her heal and passive ability that let's her revive fallen allies and buff them upon resurrection so pair her up with a powerful healer and you are good!
  • Yeah Daka's heal doesn't look impressive..thats why i am holding on to all my Catina credits for now..
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