Fleet Arena Shard: Vagovod, CriSkywalker, Scorchy, RezMeatballer, Sakib, Likebird, gotheg

Looking for more of my fleet shard members to join the discord channel.

Top 15 typically looks like:

Sakib - Inglourious Banthas
Vagovod - Real GTN
Gandy911 - RS Gold squadron
Barhis Sontebren - Ewokology
RezMeatballer - In a Guild far far away
Likebird - FTW Farmers to Whales
Scorchy - The Defiant Order
gotheg - The Lukewarm Tauntauns
Galatea Griffiths lll - deracine
KGD Fury - Dagobah Day Spa
Archfiend Soldier - Green One
RogueZeta - Lithuanian
Pavlik - ???
Obi Wan Jabr0ni - Reebo's Ghost

Let me know if you recognise this shard and PM me!
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