Something less predictable

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So almost every legendary has been predicted previously.
I think we need something radical in the game to shake things up... like three new faction launches at the same time with all stores updating alongside marquees.

You could kind of choose which faction to go ahead and build and soon afterwards legendary happens. Will be good for game and less predictable than the OT falcon and dark side revan that are coming...



  • Kyno
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    2 things.
    1- there is a difference between predicted and leaked.

    2- some level of predictability is a good thing. We already know the panic farm tactic is a favored method. Some level of predictability allows players to start getting ready earlier.
  • TVF
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    I want more predictable, not less.

    With that said they have to strike a balance in order to maximize panic spending.
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  • How many characters in the Star Wars universe deserve a Legendary? I may in a weird faction of people here, but I don't think every faction needs a Legendary. I think a lot of older ones need to relevant again, not just characters you have sitting there for that random squad to place in TW/GA.

    And as for the predictable, of course it was. There was a huge leak and it's all the things people have been predicting/wanting for years now. Legendary and Heros Journeys will always be predictable characters/ships. The way they are teased, what you need to get them, and what you can do with them is the unpredictable part.

    Enjoy the ride, this game isn't the Kessel Run. It isn't going to be over in 12 parsecs.
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