Level 76 help with squad arena

Hello all.

I'm currently level 76 and gearing up my Phoenix team. They're great but are really falling flat in squad arena. Is there a beat team out there for squad arena at my level or should I best keep plugging away? I'm building an empire team on the side

Here is my current roster: https://swgoh.gg/p/921546535/


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    You should prepare the Phoenix crew to a level that they can unlock Palpertine and Thrawn (7*, G8 / 9 and at least omega unique skills), after unlocking these two your transition into a fully empire team should look like Palp (lead pushing to his leader zeta), Darth Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, TFP (or Tank). From there you should focus on Darth Sion and Nihilus to replace Tarkin and TFP. But pushing their gear lvl for fleet (focus on Executrix as cap ship).

    Until then - you have to deal with the arena drops and after that, you may struggling too due to an overwhelming amount of Bastila lead Jedi Teams, which are currently a hard counter to Palp lead teams.

    Let us hope that a further toon will help out the dark side (or we have to live with it).
  • Completely agree with the above - I was doing the same start as you. Keep on with your Phoenix to 7 star, grab Palps and Thrawn when they next show and depending on the timing, you can unlock them at least - you have all of your Phoenix squad to 5 star, so that gets them both in your roster where you can start gearing and leveling them up with a view to 7 starring next time if needed. I would expect to see their challenges back in Feb possibly? Palps was last seen in late November and Thrawn in early December....

    As you say, on the side keep pushing on with Vader, Tarkin and Tie Fighter pilot to build that Empire squad up, and also look at each of their ships as well as they are strong - the Dark side ships lead to zeta rewards in the Tarkin challenge. Slave 1 also good to farm as it appears very infrequently in the fleet store.
  • Thanks for the help, all :smiley:
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