Is Dengar required to get Chewie to 7*?

Hi. I've just got Chewie to 5* at the recent legend event, and want to know if Dengar is required to get Chewie to 7* next time he comes around. I've just gotten Bossk to 7* but don't have Dengar yet. Can I get Chewie to 7* without him, or will I need to farm him?



  • Vanitas
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    Dengar makes the event A LOT easier....

    EDIT: I got Chewbacca with my bounty hunters... Tried more then 200 times tho...

    The team i used can be found here:
  • Dengar and BossK make your life a lot easier my friend
  • Bytestream wrote: »
    Dengar and BossK make your life a lot easier my friend

    And they're generally awesome. Bossk for HT. Wouldn't be surprised if Dengar gets a ship at some point. I have zero regrets gearing BH for Chewie. Murder bears on the other hand.....C3PO is more useful in other comps and I've got better places to invest gear than finishing the furries.
  • HK666
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    I beat the last tier in like 3 tries (after proper moddinh) with g12 zbossk (L), g12 fett, g11 greedo+ IG + Cad

    took like 5 or so tries before hand to see how that remodding should be done.

    Don't remember if I followed a 'proper' kill order or if I went after R2 first bc of smokescreen.

    But yes, it can be done without dengar, but I'd recommend a zbossk lead if you don't have him.
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