GND 121M GP guild Recruiting for Heroic Sith Raid/Looking for Merger with similar guild

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GOD'S NOT DEAD GUILD is recruiting We would like to see 10-15 Resistance ready members
Requirements are as followed:
300 raid tickets daily, active members
0 Damage Registration for first 24hrs on HPIT and ATT raids, then they are ffa
Preferred levels 85
We are a faith based guild, we only ask members to show respect to all members, no proselytizing
If interested please contact me here or PM
We want to make raiding fun and members grow together
Whatever your walk in life, all are welcome.
If you or your guild are interested, please feel free to contact me and hopefully together we can take Traya out!


  • We would also be interested in joining an alliance to get a few heroic sith raids under our belt.
  • If you're looking to help a guild get traya shards, in a fun and family friendly atmosphere with no pressure, drop on by and see what we are about.
  • Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Everyone is afraid to loose their power, nobody wants to give up guild leader or officer spots, because lets face it, those roles are held by people who are active. Everyone wants a guild merger to get Traya, but nobody wants to cut half a roster of dead weight and move to another guild so they can form an even more powerful guild. The way I would do it, is have the lower half go to one guild the upper half go to another, that way there are 2 guilds still, an alliance, and each can grow at their own pace. Dedicated players can get Traya, and the casual do whatever they want.
  • Nothing wrong with a guild shuffle to start the new year. Help form an alliance and keep the friends you've grown with. We can't get to traya and keep things the way they are, so if your guild is ready for step from tier 6 to heroic, but need a little more umph, let us know. We can work out a deal that makes everybody happy, happy, happy.
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