Ally vs Ally Practice

It would be awesome if we could have sparring matches vs our allies (friends) to test teams out. Even if it was a limited number of attempts per day.


  • This would be awesome. It would give end gamers a reason to keep active allies once they get done now with the nodes. I love this idea.
  • Darth_DeVito
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    I really like this idea. It could also be a game mode for guilds. Add a chat channel, and officers or higher level guild mates could give strategy tips during the match.
  • Slaythus
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    Yes it could also be a guild feature. The main idea is to practice with friends. We aren’t all in the same guild but chat and strategize together. This would just allow for new combos to be created besides those we just see on YouTube. Also would keep the game fresh and allow veterans of the game to stay involved and have fun.
  • I've been asking for 3 years....
  • Where's @Crumb when you need him. Get this done CG!
  • Where were you born, dang, this is such a great idea. I really wish they’d do it. If they ever do another Q&A, this is something we need to ask them about as a community.
    Tag me if you reply to my comment so I know I should answer you!😀 My roster:
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