Is my FO squad good enough for the BB8 event?

Hello everyone, I am hopefully going to unlock BB8 when the event in January rolls around, but i am not quite sure if my FO squad is geared up enough. It is as follows:
Kylo - G8, 16,000 power, all good mods, 1 zeta
Phasma - G8, 12,400 power, good mods
FOST - G9, 10,800 power, ehh mods (need to be lvled up)
FOO - G8, 11,200 power, pretty good mods (2 need to be lvled up)
FOTP - G9, 12,200 Power, Need mods lvled up

All of the characters are either at lvl 85 or are near it. Do you think that this squad is good enough to get by the BB8 event? Thanks.


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