Characters for Each Stage

Our guild just recently started doing Heroic tank and I was looking for some suggestions on what teams to use and which phase to use them in.


  • Well, your CLS will be able to do all of P1 by himself, but you'll have to retreat a few times to clear it. If you have guildmates with him, you can do it together to speed it along. Even so, it won't be too long by yourself.

    Wiggs lead rebels can do some good damage in P2, but you'll want Wedge and Biggs to be up a few gear levels. As it stands now, they'll never survive long enough to get more than one or two topples if you're lucky.

    If you had Sabine, I'd say throw your Phoenix at P2, not because they're any good against the tank, but because they won't really help you in any other phase. But since you'll need Ezra for your jedi team, I'd hang onto them and send them in for P4.

    P3, your Empire can help you do some damage. Once you get Chirpa to 7* you'll be able to put together a Chirpatine team.

    But if HAAT scores are your main focus, I would strongly suggest farming FO for BB8 and/or Finn and investing in the zeta on his lead. I can see you've started your Ewoks, so once you get C3PO, the raid is solo-able (that's a word, right?).
  • To be clear, the "them" I'm referring to is your Jedi team in P4, not Phoenix.
  • I am sure you can find more on it if you do a good google searching. The brainstormed teams got a lot of a focus once upon a time. To my memory some of the best teams in HAAT are (Exluding solo teams like AA CLS BB Thrawn Asajj or Wampanader) Chirpatine, Wiggs & Company, CLS, FO, IMP Troopers, There are quite a few of them out there. Tons of posts and threads on them too if you look around.
    Best thing I can say for advice would be the following;
    P1 and P3 are best fought with TMR teams (CLS/JTR/NS under zAsajj/Emp Sith under zVader) Or with use of TMR units like rHan/Tarkin
    P2 and P4 are best fought with high DPS and preferably big AoE Teams to achieve topples and stretch out their time for damage.
    Soon, this raid will become so trivial in difficulty the only thing left for a challenge will be who in the guild you have to worry about outscoring for those sexy top shelf prizes

    I again suggest these because your team is clearly not going to have a ton of half complete solo teams to do all or most all the damage you need by themselves.
  • @Tie_Wan_Jyn @YKMisfit appreciate it guys. very helpful
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