QoL Suggestion for gear in shipments

Would it be possible to see the gear at the bottom of shipments (available for credits) moved to the top of the shipments? Too many times now I’ve scrolled too fast through my shipments to buy that gear and accidentally purchased something else like 8 character shards. I hope I’m not the only one that has ever had this problem. Anyways, since the bronzium was moved I don’t see why the gear can’t also be moved.


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    I've never had this problem but I agree - they moved zetas to the top and moved bronziums to the front, this would be nice too.
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  • I too agree after a full year of playing that this a very annoying mechanic and should be corrected.

    The Shipments tab even uses the Credits icon, which leads new players to logically conclude items costing credits would be the primary items in the list only to have to scroll through a dozen or more shard based items. I don't know how long I played in my early days never scrolling down to see the bottom credit based items.

    I also periodically tap an errant item while doing so, having to reload the page and start the scrolling over again. This isn't as much of an issue now that I play on my PC with Blue Stacks but still happens from time to time when I'm on the phone directly.

    I find scrolling through the list to be just as anti-player as scrolling through the store page to get the free Bronzium Data Cards. It seems like a dirty trick to make players review the shard costing items first since those generate revenue for the company, but I could be over analyzing that a tad as I have a biased toward big game studios & their corporate based monitizing decision.

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