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I am hoping the community can catch me up to speed. My profile:

I played actively a year ago and stopped right after mods were introduced and before ships. I got the itch to play again but am looking around and seeing a lot of changes. I tried to start getting mods and ships, but it is a bit intimidating. Plus there are way more characters. If someone has a moment and does not mind looking at my profile, I appreciate any advice regarding the following:

1) Characters - I gathered that collecting the Phoenix squadron is my first goal, so I started that, but anyone else?

2) Ships - any certain ones I should focus on?

3) Mods - any certain ones or juts a crap shoot?

4) Any advice on ranking betting in the arenas? I am getting my butt kicked in both the squad and ship.

5) I am sitting on 4400 crystals, anything specific I should use them on? I bought a bunch before I left with the intention of buying gear but never spent it.


  • After Phoenix go for Rebels. You need those for Chimera. Regarding Mods you can farm those or either buy them in the Store. Everything below Purple is not "really" useful ( only my opinion ). For the Arena it's hard to say 'coz it depends on your shard. If ya' want take a look at my Roster.....
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    For squad arena, farm Bastilia, Kanan and Ezra to refresh your Jedi team. Bastilia lead

    Kanan and Ezra are also part of your Phoenix farm.

    Your roster is all over the place. Stop wasting resources on toons you do not have an immediate use or short term plsn for.

    Phoenix gets you Palpatine and Thrawn. After Phoenix you will want an Empire command squad - Palpatine, Thrawn, Vader, Tarkin, Tie Pilot.

    For fleet ...

    Executrix should be your capital ship so you want to bias towards Dark Side fighters for the challenges.

    Tie Fighter is a no brainer to farm with fleet energy.

    Grab Vader and his TA X1 any time they shows up in the fleet store.

    Then probably bugs, starting with Soldier and Sun-Fac whose ship is on node 2-A.

    Pilots are a big chunk of ship power, particularly their gear level.
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  • 1 First you probably want to get Phoenix at 7* so you can get Emperor Palpatine and Thrawn. After that you want to get 3 other empire, TFP, Tarkin and Darth Vader would be ideal. Royal Guard is okay too. When you have 5 empire at 7* you can get R2-D2 and with Stormtrooper Han, Old Ben, Leia and farmboy Luke you can get CLS. After that I'd probably go for either Jedi, you already have GMY and Old Republic to get Revan, or first farm First Order to get BB8 and then together with Finn, Veteran Smugglers Han and Chewie and Scavenger Rey they will get you Jedi Training Rey. Another viable right now is Bounty Hunters, they are great right now, and needed for Chewbacca. Also good are:
    -Imperial Troopers
    Ewoks are needed for C-3PO but I would't focus on them too much right now.

    2 The most important thing to keep in mind is that the best ships to farm are ships where both the ship is good and the pilot is good. Wedge, Biggs, TFP, Vader, Bossk, the Geonosians, Fives, Cad Bane and Boba Fett's are all good ships.

    3 Get the challenges all three star. You want 5* mods only, except for maybe 4* tier A or speed arrows.
    Most important ones are Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Defense, Potency, Offense and Tenacity. What I do is level up every mod higher than 5* tier E to the point where you can see all the stats (9 for D, 6 for C, 3 for B and for A immediately). Any with speed secondaries I level up to 12, and if they're 4/5 or higher to 15. Most important primary stats are: Arrow you want almost only speed. Triangle: crit damage is very important. Plus: potency is quite important.
    Speed is key!

    4 For what you are using right now Phasma is a better leader

    Good Luck!
  • Thank you for everyone that responded. Sounds like I need to focus on Phoenix and gearing up some ships with the characters I have/want to have. I need to review a mod guide to find out more info about them because I am still a bit lost on them.

    Thanks again!
  • Short answer.. Run
    Full answer... Run Fast..

    LOL Welcome Back
    Leader: Grey Area 51 - My Squads:
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    Trana963 wrote: »
    Thank you for everyone that responded. Sounds like I need to focus on Phoenix and gearing up some ships with the characters I have/want to have. I need to review a mod guide to find out more info about them because I am still a bit lost on them.

    Thanks again!

    The long and short of mods is MOAR SPEED. Seriously, that's the only stat that matters 95% of the time.
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    You are level 80 and probably have an advantage over most players on your fleet shard. I would advice to go all in on ships and pilots to reach as high rank as possible in your fleet arena and earn crystals every day. F.ex.:

    Vader + Tie Advanced
    Cad Bane + Xanadu blood
    Bossk + Hound's Tooth
    Bobs Fett + Slave 1

    Geonosian Soldier + ship
    JC + his ship
    Five's + Umbaran
    RP + ship
    Ahsoka + ship

    Biggs is strong early on combined with Imperial Tie and FO Tie. Unfortunately you don't have these pilits yet, however.

    Buy more energy / cantina energy refreshes. It speeds up your farming and you reach level 85 and unlock new game modes and tiers earlier. Don't bother with gear just yet. Race to level 85.
  • Wow, you’ve got the ancient meta your using in arena! Haven’t seen that team you had for a long time.
  • Ha, I know. I get decimated before I get 2 actions in. Taking everyone's advice to build up ships and farm my butt off.
  • I'll give a short summary:
    I returned after a very long absence. So a little experience in this. Look at the #1 in your arena, to see how far ahead of you they are. That is what you'll need to work towards in arena, if you ever choose to try to be competitive. Same with Fleets.

    I returned and was weak ~1500 in arena, and have worked myself into the sub 200 group for arena. It took over a year. The crystal rewards are pretty low, but it is what it is.

    Fleet, I'm usually around 125, I should have been higher, but did not focus on them for too long. That was a mistake.

    I didn't want to start over, and am glad I didn't. Others have given good suggestions.

    One thing I'll add. Farm scoundrels that allow you to beat the top tier of credit heist. You will be short credits for quite a long time, and you need to ensure that you are earning the highest tier, every time. I would make this the #1 priority. I'd suggest Boba, ST Han, and Dengar, as they are valuable elsewhere in the game. There is a huge difference between the tiers on rewards, and you'll need them maxed.

    Good luck.
  • Spend crystals only on refresh of energy! ONLY!!! Get all the 50 for light& dark battles and all the 100 for the Cantina. Good luck :)
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