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We are Band of Silent Brothers , a friendly and organised group, currently we have 45/50 players (some less active players moved in our academy guild) and 105M GP.

We are looking for players with:
• Earn 600 daily raid tickets.
• Active Participation in TW. Requires setting defense and attacking
• Participation in TB, which means more stars and better rewards
• Account synced with
• 1.5m+ GP (if you have less GP at least you have to show us that youre an active player)

All heroic raids (including SITH) are on farm. Guild time GMT+2 (EET)
Raids time: HSTR 20:00
HPit 21:00
HAAT 22:00
(all raids with 24h join)
DSTB 39*
LSTB 37*
(Our goal now is to develop more TB characters)
Note: HEROIC SITH raid will be conducted in 2 days phases, in the first day everyone will finish phase 1, 2, and 3 and the next day at the same hour when the raid begin you'll be allowed to atttack in phase 4.

We use discord to communicate

If you are an active player and interested to grow your Traya, please send me a pm on discord "FlyingWhale#8473" or post your swgoh account here.

-or use the in-game chat ally code "963-115-898".
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