Free Traya shards

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43 tws won, 44* lstb, 46* dstb, independant guild, raids eu evening time looking for 2 more players

2.5minimum GP***

Hi, this is us:

Our raids are 18:00 UTC rancor (18:20 UTC dmg release)
19:00 UTC haat
20:00 UTC hsr (need ~15m for Top10, ~25m for top3)

Few Rules (doing ur 600, follow TB/ tw Orders, and good is), discord as 3rd Party Chat.

Thats the Core Info about us. If ur interested and whish to know more, please Msg me or my fellow recruiting officer at discord

We use discord to communicate

"FlyingWhale#8473" or post your swgoh account here.

-or use the in-game chat ally code "963-115-898".
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