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  • Why would a game think its fun to ban 20+ characters? I can't even begin to understand why they are doing this. Just leave it alone. We haven't had TW in over a month and now your idea of fun is banning? Who the heck thinks banning is fun?

    THUMBS DOWN! No way the people making this decision actually play the game. Its the dumbest idea. You know its bad when just about every single player is on here agreeing with each other. Its not 50-50, its like 99-1 everyone hates this.
  • Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy apparently sat in on the "creative" TW meeting
  • I love it it changes the tw around way more then any lame buffs did. Yes a little to many on the cant use list but i like the concept maybe just limit to 1 key toon from each faction like revan, traya, bosk, mt/asajj/zombie, veers/stark, ect just 1 toon probably not the leader if theres only 1
  • They're not likely ignoring the actual votes, what they have done is pair characters they wanted out with one's that would definately be removed by the community, and then left themselves one choice to make sure things went just how they wanted
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    This is just stupid. Whomever came up with the idea for this should be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the street and shot. Or lobotomised to improve their IQ.

    Let’s not get criminal. Let’s stick to punishments like making them clean toilets in public restrooms.
  • You don't need to do anything to keep it fresh and fun. Leave it as it is.

    That isn't true. This might not be the answer, but Territory Wars is stale as a default and the Clone Wars buffs highlighted that.
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    This has to be the worst idea ever! I am so **** off, you took a game mode I lived and your ruining it! I put my time, effort, and cash into this game and this is my reward? You don't let me use my characters?!?!?! .
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  • Maybe this wasn’t the most popular approach but I do appreciate the thinking behind shaking things up a bit.

    Something cool would be to give everyone the same teams but they have to use their personal inventory of mods or the opposite gotta use your own teams but with a group of supplied mods.

    Hopefully the experimenting doesn’t end with this war and the team continues to push the community.
  • I think the devs have lost touch with what’s actually fun with this plan. Adding faction bonuses for little used or weak factions for a short time is fun and opens up the opportunity to use an OP team to a variety of players. Restricting any character considering the amount of work required to unlock and develop them is just dumb. Recap to make it plain for the devs...adding things is fun, taking things is ridiculous (especially in such a large pool that affects tons of factions). I see why people get frustrated enough to walk away from this game...
  • I completely agree. They really misread our enthusiasm from the last bonuses.
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    JJBagger01 wrote: »
    This is absolutely insane! Those who paid money for those toons now should pursue refunds

    For what purpose? This is little difference from being unable to use LS toons on DS nodes, the difference being this is not permanent in TW's case. It is one game mode out of many and this is, after all, a game. My observation is sure to be an unpopular one because it sounds to be in support of CG. I am less enthused about the changes than this post infers but this is a game, not real life. There's more cause to complain about the OG Falcon's requirements (was 3 ships but now is 4...I know they initially meant 4 but 3 gave us such hope for having a bone thrown our way.)
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
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    lol, I don't understand why everyone is so white hot bile-spitting mad about this. It's something different. It hasn't even happened yet, and everyone's already assuming that it's gonna be terrible. Maybe it will be; but why not just experience it first to confirm that it is terrible so there is a specific reason to dislike it.
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    It's pretty clear that they had already decided to run this ahead of time and the "community feedback" bit was a total fabrication. However, they can't have not seen that everyone absolutely hates the idea, so my guess is that they will run it once, post a bunch of canned "this event was a huge success" garbage, and then never speak of it again.

  • I love it it changes the tw around way more then any lame buffs did.

  • Congrats Devs for this terrible idea.

    To kill one of the best events in the game you have to be brave.

    I just dont know why they didnt assume that choice. The community rejected it.

    Thanks for extending my vacation. I will not make strategy for this crap.
  • The only reason why I'll play this is for rewards but I spend money to help build the toons I want and I really pushed my self to attain some of this stuff. Then you guys block toons I hate everything about this change. The powered up toons was fun. Doing random powerups is great, but this change I don't like.
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    I dont Like Too. We work for toon that de fan use. Its a total lost time. Maybe 1 or 2 toon can be acceptable
  • Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy are behind this, its the only logical explanation behind this colossal blunder
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