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    Lol. Needs more R2 leads though.
    I need a new message here.
  • Here is the issue - lots of people paid lots of money for Revan. Lots of people spent lots of time (and money) farming Traya. Now you are banning them both from arguably the most important part of the game (guild-based PVP). Guilds are why many people stay in this game and stay engaged. That is why TW is so important (I love GA but TW is more vital to the game's health).

    Banning hard-earned or expensively-bought toons from a vital game event is poor planning. Please instead think up creative buffs like you did for Mace, CUP etc. Those got near-universal applause, this has received near-universal condemnation.
  • Hi, I’ve been wanting you to do, is create a clone wars theme territory battle. On the planet of geonosis.
    Light side.
    New hero: Padme amidala, in her battle skin, she would be a great hero addition to this game as being an amazing leader and is really good and grants a lot of things to certain characters like C-3po, R2-D2, Anakin and clone wars Ahsoka Tano. And she can give them a lot of great buffs. And could make her a very powerful character that the clone wars era needs to put its self on the map. And the only way to get her shards is in the the territory battle.
    People leaders that you need for things, is general kanobi, anakin, one of the clones, padme.
    You can also do cool battles where we only use clones and stuff like that.

    New hero: droideka an really cool droid to add to the separates army with their shields and everything, and can only get its shards in territory war. For leaders that you need is count dooku, general grievous, droideka and poggle the lesser. And have a battle where you need all the geonosians in a battle.
    This would be really fun for the people who play this game and love clone wars cause I feel we really get forgotten and I want padme in this game and would be a really good leader for the republic
  • I don’t even know why they put leaders on the polls to be banned. If they get banned the whole faction is useless. Case in point, 4/5 of my g12 characters are droids, and HK got banned, making them worthless.
  • This is a bad idea. Don't do this.
  • I also lol'd at the in game announcement. The wording really makes you think this was chosen and supported by the forums. Instead of "community-driven territory wars" it should read "Dev driven down community throat like a dirty sock!"
  • I spent time and money to gear my First Order team specifically for TW Defensive teams to help my guild.

    You eliminated two key pieces of that team which took me forever to 7-Star and G12.

    Gee thanks for the fun.
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    This is absolutely insane! Those who paid money for those toons now should pursue refunds

    I tried this more so out of curiosity than expecting actual results. They basically said they can do what they want in a less direct way. Its a shame, best part of the game was totally gutted.
  • CG baffles me. They make so many things hard for F2P players, yet here they stab their big payers who paid through the nose for Revan in the back. Perhaps they are thinking that they can be please both sides, but it just ends up making everyone upset.
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    I lose 14/20. Some were for Defence, and not all were overpowered. Some of those would have to be replaced with even weaker Toons.

    Though for sure some of you are hindered even more.

    It looks like if you had all the meta Toons pre-2017 you should be fine.
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    lmao they closed the mega thread for Territory Wars 😂 😂

    That was me, figured you could use the two new threads to continue ;)

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Uh huh....
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  • Remove head from kitten then be a developer. I think they all failed passing this step. Complete and utter embarrassment
  • all this pearl clutching over a single territory war is amusing.
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    lmao they closed the mega thread for Territory Wars 😂 😂

    Can’t ignore threads if they are closed!
    Birdbox meme here!
  • Why would anyone think that removing 20 of the games most popular characters would enhance our enjoyment. With multiple characters from each faction missing we will be playing with broken teams. Please don't do this again, especially not with so many characters. Better luck next time.
  • From a purely customer retention standpoint this is dumb and myopic.
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