Community Territory Wars Poll Results [MEGA]


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  • I'm sure theyll shut this thread down too after enough negative response...
  • I’m not playing this kind of TW
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    I hate the char ban concept.... the base of the idea is awful... the implementation even worst with that kind of "poll" .... and I believe we will see more poor planning when they run the GP and matchmaking algorithm and when all player database realise what is going on (probably when TW start).

    Calling this "community TW" is offensive.... give a real name to it.... "Crippled TW" seems more appropriated.

    About the strategy for this crippled a total *you know the word* up so... working as intended!!!

    One last thing... I will play it... my expectations are so low that it's difficult to be (more) disappointed with it. Anyway, only the concept itself drops 95% my motivation and joy with this feature.
  • This will be deleted, probably. They are afraid to leave negative things up
  • I hate your idea for this. You just wrecked my 5 top squads I have put a lot into. Building just for TW. What really makes you think that this was a good idea. I would love for someone to acknowledge the fact that they actually screwed this up and apologize, loudly, for upsetting as many players that your jobs and profitability of this game depend. Or just hide behind your cheery posts and act like nothings wrong. Come on, do the grown up thing. Lets hear something.
  • They aren't deleting the posts, they are merging them into a single thread
  • This has been the worst idea ever to come out of the developers. TW is about guild vs guild not some circus side show game mode. if this goes through and they don't put this back to normal there is going to be some major backlash. Worse than right now.
  • It will be deleted or merged. Can’t soeak against the great CG gods. Even when they do something this atrocious.
  • I'll say I like it, because no one else has and we're on page 3.

    But I really don't like it.

    Farming and spending are one thing. That really sucks. What sucks even more is that my guild has spent countless hours coming up with the right counters and the right comps to beat the various meta teams you find in TW. taking out pieces of that completely changes that strategy and wastes a lot of work put into that strategy. There's no point in doing that again with the new exclusions, because they will be different again. It doesn't make it fresh, it makes it annoying.

    One of the reasons you see all the same teams out there is because guilds have created strategies for defense and then adapted. There's a community spirit to that, cause when you run across a tough squad, you can adopt that into your strategy. That took many many TW's to establish what works, and the reason you see the same so often is because people are willing to share what works, or you face it and glean some insights from what you face. What works, what doesn't. It's really the main strategic component to what should be the strategic end game. But if this plan continues, you have taken that away as well.

    And yes, please don't have your management review what you wish to post, then add in "make sure you thank everyone" to your message. I actually feel bad for the devs that probably (I mean they have to) hate this as much as we all do. It's the corporate way, and since the devs can't say it I'll say it for them.
  • Lol
  • What an utter joke you have made TW with this lazy gameplay. Why even gear toons if you are going to put restrictions on them. The game feels like it's on a rapid decent downwards which stinks. What happened to "we will listen and interact with the community" on a consistent basis? Might as well run for politics with that kind of talk and empty promises. That said, who gives these orders over there? It's like donkey s... On a stick. Do they even play the game? Are they involved in the community? Very questionable leadership as of late. I'm not insulting anyone just calling it like I see it. Attitude reflects leadership. Go back to the valley. Savvy.
  • I disagree, TW has always been lame actually
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