Bounty hunters! We don't need their scum. [MEGA]


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    That's pretty kitten sad.

    It's like you guys want to just toss away any good will you can possibly get with your playerbase.
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  • The 'ANY' implies there will be another bounty hunter ship release... c'mon guys. Probably the Punishing One.
  • Devs can you please clarify this. ANY and 4 do not go together in this context. This is important information that determines how and when we spend on this game.
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    Any three! That’s great news!! This surprised me in a way good way, bravo CG.

    read again my friend
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    Minowara wrote: »
    Devs can you please clarify this. ANY and 4 do not go together in this context. This is important information that determines how and when we spend on this game.

    It's future-proofing for when they add more BH ships in the future. Just like when events say characters need to be "At least level 85" or "at least 7 stars".
  • Any 4 ships to unlock any 1 Falcon? Thank God didn't need 5.
  • Wow
  • OK. Tomorrow they will ask for any 5 BH ships.

    They'll be releasing Dengar's ship tomorrow just as the cherry on top.
  • I was actually in shock that they did something nice for the community and made it 3 bh ships. now i feel like i was trolled hard by the gaming company.

    what a huge let down
  • CptCheez wrote: »
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »

    Gather ANY four ships from the Bounty Hunter Faction to hunt down this Legendary ship and earn blueprints of Han’s Millennium Falcon.

    Can we confirm that the star level is not a requirement, since this would be a confusing clarification (given there are only 4 BH ships currently in the game)?

    Star level is always a requirement in Legendary events. You'll need your ships to be 5* to enter Tier 5 of the event (and unlock the Falcon at 5*), your ships to be 6* to enter Tier 6 of the event, etc.

    Of course that has always been true. But the specification of the star level for the capital ship, and the "ANY 4" BH ships opens the door of possibility.

    But perhaps the ANY simply implies that when Crumb posted the 3-ship requirement originally, he believed it to be correct, at the time, and was, himself corrected ahead of the edit.
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    I also was pleasantly surprised, then immediately disappointed, once the “typo” was corrected...
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    It'd really be nice if CG could drop the twitter-style stream form of communication, and just post the event, its timing, and the requirements. I suppose letting the info trickle out is supposed to build excitement, but I'm finding it rather annoying.

    Me to guild : You need 3 BH ships to unlock OT falcon.
    Me again: Make that 4.
    Guild: When?
    Me: Don't know.
    Guild: Can it be unlocked at 5*?
    Me: ....I think so..?
    Guild: How difficult?
    /Me leaves chat

    I can imagine I'm not the officer having that exchange.

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    😂 maybe that's the real problem, they can't count
  • Gannon wrote: »
    😂 maybe that's the real problem, they can't count

    Just like our feelings
  • Superb communucation, 10/10 for effort, clarity, much talent.
  • Just let the falcon have that ignore taunt!
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    "Any 4" You guys don't even understand your own game. SMH For the record, "I HATE SHIPS"! Worst part of the game!
  • For everyone asking "when", how long have you been playing? It's a week from the requirement announcement. That's been the cadence for a while now. Better get farming.
  • Im seriously getting sick of the greed.
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    Is anyone going to actually put money into this? 👀
    I know I won't..
  • They had better have some response to the literally universal outrage at this post.
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    Lol... about the correction for ALL BH SHIPS.... and lololololololol regarding any kind of panic FARM to accomplish that.
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