Which direction to take.

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Hi all, I am almost level 80 and am wondering which direction to take (I am free to play).

Initially I was slow but switched to Phoenix by lvl40 and got 7 Star Palpatine just. Wasn’t high enough for Thrawn so got him at 6 star when he came around.

Since then I have been focusing empire in prep for r2d2. I finished the farm about 5 days before r2 popped just now and managed to unlock him 7 Star. Problem is I have none of the unlocked other characters for the current cls event, and will have to wait until next cycle.

Currently I don’t know what to farm from here. ATM I am farming first order, but with the likely upcoming event, I may just unlock bb8 but won’t have the other things for jtr.

I sit in top 100 for arena and top 50 for fleet.

From here, what should I focus on in terms of:
Normal energy farms
Cantina energy farms
Cantina store, GW store, arena store


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  • Waqui
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    You're doing well in fleet arena. I would definately continue to develop your fleet to keep that top-20 rank of yours - and possibly improve. If you work on your Biggs and his ship, you could switch to Biggs, Ghost and ITF as your starting line-up with Phantom as your reinforcement instead. Phantom's reinf. ability is quite strong. Definately farm Bossk and Hound's tooth from their hard nodes. Silencer is strong as well, but farming it will conflict with other cantina farming (f.ex. Old Ben for CLS).

    Your arena team will do well for some months, which is great. However, you could improve instantly by working a bit on your mods (slice some green mods to improve speed, give Tarkin a +30 speed arrow and such). Farm Sion and possibly Nihilus for a future development of your team.

    For legendaries, I see, you're ready to upgrade Tarkin to rank 7 the next time his event occurs. Since you have R2D2 already, farming for CLS' event (first) and then a FO team for BB8 would be a natural next step. After those, you can choose several different paths (JTR, Chewie, 3P0....).
  • Finish Phönix ( All Lvl 85 and Gear 9 ) for Thrawn....especially Chopper is needed to unlock him at 7*. FO is an good option to get BB8. You're far away for CLS 'coz you need

    Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) 7* Gear 9 Lvl 85
    Princess Leia 7* Gear 9 Lvl 85
    R2-D2 7* Gear 9 Lvl 85
    Stormtrooper Han 7* Gear 9 Lvl 85
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) 7* Gear 9 Lvl 85

    So focus on that next i would say......Good Luck !
  • EduardoCadav
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    Looks very impressive what you did so far! Seems like you have a pretty good grasp of what direction to go in. Shame about just missing CLS and RJT this time.

    You have a good base of an arena team there currently that you should priorities gearing to ~11 initially and 12 eventually for some of them. That will probably be needed to stick to that top 100 range you are in. As other's said, capitalise on your fleet position and unlock Hounds Tooth ASAP. I'd finish KRU/silencer (even if you don't focus on the rest of FO straight away) before moving onto something else as well because he is powerful in early fleet shards (and even late game when maxed). Then move onto rounding out CLS requirements for the next time he arrives.

    More generally/long term I think you have three choices to progress that would be based on your preference at the moment rather than a clear strategic direction.

    Three choices would be;
    1) continue the sith/empire direction and farm nihilus and sion as soon as you are able to and replace tarkin and TFP with them.
    2) start your jedi/old republic farm and chase Revan. (a few spenders in your shard will have him the next time he comes, although it's unlikely anyone f2p will it's a long farm so could be worth starting early)
    3) follow through and finish the "classic" Thrawn/EP -> r2/bb8 -> CLS/RJT route that you are currently on and reassess your direction with respect to Chewi/C3P0/Revan once finished. (The most tried and tested, probably most sensible)

    1 and 3 could potentially be done in parallel, but 2 would be quite restrictive.

    Final comment, you've got some good progress on mods.... but mods mods mods mods etc. Try and spend some time researching for mod guides etc. and don't take the foot of the pedal farming them or slicing them.

    Best of luck
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