Stop giving them ideas



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    MathYouC wrote: »
    CG knew what the requirements were going to be when they put HT, XB, and IG-2000 in Light Side hard nodes.

    Surprised they didnt put the 3 on ship nodes. Costs more to refresh and energy acculates at a lower rate

    I would have preferred they not all be on lightside nodes. Im fine with hard nodes.... but 1 on the darkside would be nice as i have to do 3 darkside for the daily.... id like if they went to something i was panic farming

    I just farm gear if I need nothing else from DS nodes. E.g., the Mk 2 holo lens on DS 1-A is still needed at higher gear levels and only costs 6 energy to farm.
  • Just go ahead of them yourself: I stop focusing on an arena when they force the meta in a one way meta and start focusing on the other arena again. Unfortunately, now both arenas have a one way meta, so these are indeed difficult times. In ships it's HT and ships that remove buffs to counter HT or nothing, in regular it's revan or nothing.
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