Help achieve 7* thrawn’s ship

My rebel squad is not strong enough to complete event , shud I focus on building that or continue to strenghten my empire squad ???


  • Is there another Chimaera event around the corner? I'm ready to unlock it, but I really wish I had focused more on my Executrix and my dark side ships instead. In hindsight, being able to farm zeta materials seems a lot more important than adding another capital ship to your roster (which isn't really that OP from what I read).
  • I'm not sure what you're asking.

    Are you asking if you should devote resources to the toons that pilot your rebel ships or to the ships abilities themselves?

    taking first in Fleet is easier by far than taking first in Squad Arena. It's also worth 400 crystals, which enables you to refresh cantina energy 3x/day, regular energy 3x/day, and still slowly accumulate a stockpile for special purchases and panic farming. Enhancing your fleet now WILL increase your entire roster down the road.

    But is that important enough to be your immediate priority? Hard to say. We don't know enough about where you're at in the game. Getting CLS, getting JTR, getting Thrawn, Chewbacca & Threepio, these are all important milestones in the game we have today, and while the crystals from Fleet Arena will help you with those other things when you have a deadline (like just a few more days for CLS) short term goals can differ from long-term ones by quite a bit.

    Overall, I'd say that fleet is not particularly fun, but it is terribly useful in boosting your overall success by dramatically increasing your crystal budget and it's at least a different strategic environment with some important rules unique to fleet (such as the reinforcement mechanism, the non-damageable Capital Ships, etc.) that make for at least some intellectual novelty worth your time. Given that - and the overall usefulness of Phoenix in special events, TB, Fleet, and TW/GA defense - boosting your Phoenix to g11 is a good and worthwhile goal. It may not seem like it b/c of all the stun guns required, but it will pay off in the end.

    As for how that fits into your priorities right now, only you can say.
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    Alternatively, simply stockpile some gear, ability materials etc. and then when the Chimaera event comes around apply it to your pilots/ships a bit at a time, doing new attempts in between, until you can beat the event.
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