Two suggestions

Recent QoL updates have been great for the game in my opinion. However, I still miss two simple features that would make my life easier.

1) Why not add preconfigured squads for ships as it is done also in toons? Really would save up a lot of time in arena and GA/TW.

2) upgrading lvl 1 mods looking for speed can be really frustrating because the menu moves after leveling the mod you have selected. Would help to add a lvl filter and/or a DOESN’T have a stat filter. i.e. Filter those mods that don’t have speed or filter mods with certain level.


  • To add on the mod QoL. Maybe the possibilty to upgrade/sell mods from the menu we get when mods are given? After an event let me sell mods I don’t want, etc.
  • These two suggestions are great!!!
    I would like to add one more:
    It will be great to increase 4 stars mods to 5 stars
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