TW GA Counter Bot - now with Videos and also can invite to your own server!

Hi everyone. letting you know about our exciting addition of Videos to the counter bot, working with Bulldog1205.
the videos will show the counters stated in the Counter-Bot in a video and gameplay, in addition to the wall of text there already is (my bad, but explanations are crucial :D ). already released 2 videos - countering Revan, and countering CLS Quartet:

the videos trying to show counters outside arena, and not with arena modding/gearing, so you'll have options to counter those teams on regular basis, in Grand Arena and Territory Wars modes. of course the videos are already shown in the bot, and have a link there too, and also timestamp of each team. we are hoping to release these kind of videos to all the counters in the bot. traya is next :)
and also, i feel like its a good time to let everyone know that you can invite the bot to your guild (if you have admin permission, ofc) with this :
Use this link to get the bot on your server: Join our discord server!
TW/GA Counters Bot - | Discord: SidiousIsPikachu#5768
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