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I now have enough ships to think about specific dark and light side squads.
Seems obvious to use rebel ships with H1 and Republic with Mace; but there are no full rosters for any dark side faction.
Is there consensus on which dark factions to farm (empire/FO/BH) or is it just good ships regardless of faction?
I have a bit if everything (slave, Tie advance, tie, tie silencer, FO tie).
Just wondering what to farm next (HT, reaper, gar sax, etc)?


  • Farm Hound's Tooth. Fleet is usually run mixed Light and Dark side, much less by single factions, unless you're only talking about TBs.
  • Right now cause the OT falcon coming most are farming bounty hunter ships. To be honest all of those ships are pretty solid dark side ships, tie silencer with unmasked kylo another solid ship.
  • Cheers. Ukr and tie silencer my top toon and ship. Bossk and HT both a work in progress.
    Best dark capitol? I have zthrawn and 7* tarkin, both gear 9. Both capitols 5*. Worth working on executrix or just wait next thrawn event?
  • Both are great.
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  • Mixed factions work great in fleet with any capital ship. Mace's and Ackbar's bonuses are doubled for Republic and Rebel allies, respectively, but it doesn't make that much of a difference in my experience. The only time ship faction really matters is when you use assist attacks like Geo Spy's Surprise Shot or Ghost's Static Jammer.
  • You should farm Executrix to 6* to unlock the final tier of the ship ability materials challenge.
  • Fair point
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