Best mods for jolee bindo

I find that jolee is actually pretty effective as a healer mostly with his revive skill. However I'm not sure which mods to give him. I gave him health mods but find that he doesn't do that good of damage. I know it's probably due to the fact he's classified as a healer and most likely lacks the damage capabilities but if I wanted to use him as an attacker and a healer what type of mods would be best suited


  • His unique grants Protection Up equal to 30% of his max health to any ally/allies whenever he uses an ability that targets them. I think that for that reason you want him to have as much max health as possible. He's not really meant to be a damage dealer so I would say to mod him for maximum assists from GMY and to grant lots of protection up to GMY.
  • HK666
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    Don't bother using him as an attacker, because he can call an attacker to assist every other turn.

    Pick from types of mods
    health- make him tougher+ pass more prot
    defense- make him tougher (without making him more vernable to %health effects like expose or chewie)
    crit avoidance- make him tougher (but only against crits, which is a safe bet as they are the biggest hits in the game) this is also just an arrow primary, not a set.
    speed- faster = more self healing + more assists called + more likely to get revive off
    tenacity- harder to interrupt his assist calling and revives. He is tmr proof, but not stun/ability block proof

    which of above depends on where you use him. For the best damage output, slap a speed set on him. For arena, you may want to consider tenacity or a crit avoidance arrow or similar. But those two things won't help in raids
  • Tenacity/speed with health primaries. He gains crit immunity equal to 50% of his tenacity (and starts with bonus 100%).
  • Mine has +10.5k max health and +81 speed from mods.
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    If you're in my shard or I see you in TW or GA, best mods are no mods. Seriously, it's one of the cool things about his kit, he's stronger with no mods. It's the "eh you use mods" thing.
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  • Health and tenacity with your best speed on them.
  • I’ve gone full survivability on mine. He’s got a protection primarily instead of speed. Defense sets. The great thing about Jolee is he’s a tank who doesn’t need to taunt. Just make him as hard to kill as possible.
  • Pile
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    So what would be considered elite stat levels if you were setting up for survivability? Mine sits at 57k health and 43k protection. Is there another stat like defense worth chasing?
  • You want defense sets. Defense probably isn’t worth chasing as secondary stats. Mine is 40k health and 72k Protection.
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