The illusion of player agency in SWGOH

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You all need to read the book by EA developer Zack Hiwiller called Players Making Decisions because my word, it’s almost as if it was written as an indictment on the game design path you have taken. An EA developer mind you. Instead of drudging through the plethora of gripes folks have I’ll stick to the most rescent one. TW banning of toons. Part of your goal as developers should be to increase player engagement and make the player feel more invested, NOT bummed out for the fact of their investment, such as in the case of so many banned toons. Many in the high level guilds have even balked at removing mods from banned toons and optimizing the remaining ones they have to use because YOUR decision to negatively impact those with invested rosters. Actual $ invested rosters mind you. Even the way in which you approached the banning of toons removes agency from players. You group them in 4s instead of just giving us a number of votes equal to say banning groups of four to use to selectively vote on who and what we want banned and THEN make the list. Aside from the fact that I’ve not been privy to any element of this game being met with such overwhelming negative feedback since I first downloaded it, you say due to positive feedback from past TWs where you buffed* certain toons which actually was cool, you did this. So based on something else completely different you when on the opposite direction and act like the positive feedback from the previous instance made you come up with this. We all can read the forums, and moreover the feedback section. Where were these magical feedbacks that led you to a completely opposite approach from what I saw and read and even experienced that was met with positive responses like the selective buffing? So many serious SERIOUS TW players are looking at the next one like a one off, like it doesn’t even matter and is just a crap show to deal with until we get the agency of choice back that we deserve. Btw even the player base collectively voting is removing agency from players because each individual built their rosters specific ways, for their taste and play style, and because of some outside opinion their rosters and game experience is affected.

It sure seems like you skipped the scientific method of Theorize, Hypothesize, Experiment, Evaluate, Understand from the buffing TW and are just stuck in experiment without evaluating or understanding the feedback.

Why did you skip buffing select toons to make them useful, and proceed straight to nerfing* rosters?


  • Because just like any video game company, gamers don't run them anymore it's all about investors and share holders. People use to play and test their games back in the day and you could see their passion in the results. Now it just just disappointment after disappointment and way to start the new quarter with yet another game controversy, well done CG. Until we stop paying with our wallets, CG won't listen to "us" the community. Ironically we are giving them positive feedback. Why not make a new game mode, call it Arcade and then introduce all these crazy ideas that does not mess with our current ecosystem. This is by far the dumbest thing they've ever done/announced and I don't know how is this benefiting anybody? Are they catering to newcomers or uber f2p folks? The ones that play with 90% of their roster unmounted, the ones that always complain about everything and never have a positive thing to say? Well those players won't play their utility bills and wages. I am literally growing sour with this game every day, and I've been here for 3 years. I'm literally tired of working for something only so it gets nerfed to the ground or they come out with counters that make them completely irrelevant. I feel that as of right now, our investments (time and money) does not assure us anything in the near future. I feel like every single CG employee is on crack and they keep coming up with dumb posts to annoy and enrage the community even more. If this does not get rolled back, I'm afraid that it will be the last straw that broke the camel's back.
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