Can I make it with this?

Hey guys,
I'm all ready with farming for JKR, but I don't really know if my gear and ability lvls are quite high enough.
I have Bastila zeta'd at G11 with full omegas, but all the others are G8 with all abilities at 7, no omegas nor zeta's.
They are modded very well tho.
Can I make it with this?


  • When the event first came around, a bunch of people unlocked him with only Bastila geared up, so I think you’ll be fine.
  • I just remember that the event was laughably easy (playing it, not farming for it). It had to have been the easiest one so far. I’d guess you are fine.
  • I have a similar team. Gear 11 Bastilla with everyone else at G7-G8. Hope it works. haha.
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