Who remembers tournaments?

What caused them to be taken away?

I remember they were pretty awful and required specific login times


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    Pepperidge Farm Remembers
  • Ultra
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    They were open for 24 hours and it was basically the one who had no life would win

    You had to fight 24/7 to stay up top and would only fight Arena meta teams with non meta teams. It started out as a whale tournament with crystals and then ally points and even then it was a game of "either i use my ally points in this tournament or save it for the next"

    A lot of backlash got it removed. There was some exploits with setting defenses, and it just punished anyone who had a shred of life
  • TVF
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    Sounds like a blast.

    I do miss the 6 hour flash events though.
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  • You also needed ally points to refresh your units so you could use them again for battle also people found a way to game the system where they would constantly beat each other and get one and two
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