When will the stores be revamped?

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After 3 years of play and maxed star level on characters. I'm curious as to how much currency everyone else has in each store. My totals are
Cantina battles stores - 112k
Guild store - 8500
Squad arena store - 20k
Galactic War store - 387k
Fleet arena store - 131k
Guild event store - 3600
Shard store - 19k
Ally points - 345k
Please CG your our only hope refresh the characters in the stores and the the gear in the bronzium packs.


  • Kyno
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    They have already stated that the goal of the arena,GW, and cantina table stores is to max out the toons and then use them for the currency/mats there or make shard shop currency to help with the gear crunch. So we cant really expect much there.

    Same as above. Not sure on the GP difference but other than my 1.5M ally points, I dont have much currency. 40k arena is my highest
  • No_Try
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    I have nothing besides 130k on Guild Events store. You're supposedly be using most of what you have to turn to Shard store currency. That's what I've been doing and it's flying away fast.
  • TVF
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    I set a baseline that I stay above in each store, and then spend for shard currency, gear, or whatever beyond that. So for example 20k is my GW store baseline. I built up to that number, then every day after doing GW sim I buy blueprints for shard shop currency each day back down to 20k. Rinse and repeat. That way I have a steady source of shard currency but I'm well positioned in case they ever change their mind.
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