Best Options for 7*

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So I unlocked a 6* Chewie using the Top 5 from below. Bossk was G8 at the time with the zeta.

My question is: with Dengar in the state he's in, should I just continue gearing my Top 5 and simply rely on R2 Stealth RNG to get 7*? I am farming HT so Jango is well within the realm of possibility for the next Chewie event. Is he worth subbing in for Greedo or Cad?


  • I would suggest getting Dengar since people have said it’s extremely frustrating and not any fun without him, but it’s up to you whether you’re willing to spend several hours on restarts or not.
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    He's a good toon too.
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  • I just can't justify the guild currency that's better spent on critical gear. Was painful enough farming Starck to 7*. I did that by purchasing his shards every time a raid ended before I could second guess whether to spend the 450 elsewhere. Granted he is easier because he's always in the shop.
  • @MasterJediBrian not sure what you're referring to as I didn't mention FOX in that post.

    But as for Nest, unless she's just taken a turn, you don't want to bother hitting her with TMR attacks.

    If your FOX hits hard enough he'll possibly be able to kill her using his special. But only when she has no bonus protection.
  • Unless you have her stunned/dazed, hitting her only causes more counters/dispels/exposes on your team. So removing turn meter without her being stunned/dazed only causes this cycle to continue.

    That, and she builds endless bonus protection when hit between turns. So just use his basic while she is stun locked. He'll keep building his damage up from his unique, granting TM to other FO allies, and after a few rounds of that, once she's taken a turn and FOX is up next, you can unleash a boosted damage special. He can hit really hard after a while if left alone.
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