Knights of the Free Republic

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This is a guild for highly skilled Free to Play players.
  • Guild name and officers will be voted on before update.
  • Guild time zone: EST
  • Guild language: English
  • Requirements: F2P only, level 70+, top 200 arena.
Message TheMadTwadder if interested.
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  • I would like to join.
    Playing from early december and finish top 20 most days (#4 today), currently running a non meta tanky team.
    I am 100% f2p and plan to keep it that way.
  • Hey welcome to the forum x3!
    Good luck with your guild!
  • Thanks BentWookie!
    I'm not sure what capacity guilds will have in Galaxy of Heroes, but they're in the works and I'd like to stay ahead of the game.
  • Hey, I'm currently lvl 71, with 6 characters 7stared. My team is usually in top 50. Never lost a single Galaxy War. F2P player, will be looking for a guild soon...
  • YRG
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    Capacity is stated at the moment as max of 50
    I would be glad to join your guild

    Player 70, I started at the end of January, start of Februay
    Main arena team: Lv 62 G7 4*Dooku Lvl60 G7 5* Phasma (switching both as leaders when needed) Lv 61 lumi G7 4* Lvl 60 Sid G7 5* Lvl 61 QGJ G7 4*

    I rank between 500 and 680. Not really good, but I am also F2P , and I work and study!
    Yet I find time to play daily :D
  • Would love to join! 100% free to play level 71.
  • TheMadTwadder
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    Sounds great! Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! I'll be sending out messages and I look forward to seeing what capacity guilds have coming up. :p
  • I would love to join if I can. Level 71 everyday player. Top 50 player constantly grinding
  • I would be interested in joining. Everday player anywhere from top 200 to 100. Have 9 7 star players currently. Working on more. Looking to have droid, jedi, sisters and sith teams for all areas. Let me know if interested. Thanks
  • PexG3
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    Hey guys im lvl 71 active F2P player top 30 in arena always looking for a guild since you know the new update :-D Well let me know if you are interested in letting me join and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!
  • sc7606
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    This sounds like the guild for me. I'm a UK based F2P player (December start). I'm usually rank 1 in arena at my payout time and complete GW each day. Strong roster of toons - eleven 7*, nine 6* and a bunch on the way up, including some hard node only (Rey 6*, RT 6*, FOTP 5*, RG 4*).

  • Finn
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    So how can I join am f2p end up top 50 in regular day slip to 100 when am busy and can't do arena last hour or 2 level 72 got 10 7* toons working in new toons and upgrading what I have
  • Definitely interested. Level 71 player, Rank between 40-80 in Arena. 7 star Dooku, Phasma, Poogle, Han, Lumi, and Sid. Working on existing 5 Star Qgj, Ashoka, Mace and EK for Yoda event. Also farming Anakin and GG for fun. Completely F2P, started in December.
  • JarlRagnar
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    Great idea: Would like to join your ftp guild :smile:

    Lvl 72. 15 toons 7* and most of them full advanced. Mostly in the top 50. Yoda event at monday successful Managed.

    Would be great to be in the team :smile:

  • top 50 with droids team in areana f2p 4 life
  • I'd also like to join if there is a slot. CET, 12 - 7* (Poggle QGJ Barris Lumi Sid JC Dooku Phasma Yoda 86 88 Koth, Daka in a few days), playing since end november/beginning december. 50-150 ranking, level 72 in a couple hours (in next energy bonus)
  • Baest
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    I would like to join your guild if possible. Doing everything everyday since mid january and Im rank 10-20 on server every day. 7*: sid, lum, GS, Phasma, 6*: Dooku, Qui-gon.
  • godgiven45
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    100% f2p and interested
  • TheMadTwadder
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    Who's this Jessica VanFossen lady? @godgiven45
  • godgiven45
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    Who's this Jessica VanFossen lady? @godgiven45

    Lol wifey
  • Haha nice. I saw it and had to ask.
  • Brown89
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    100% F2P and currently top 50-100 if not under 50s. Actively daily and level 72.
  • I'd love to be in this guild. I'm F2P, lvl 72 right now. top 50.
  • I'd love to be in this guild. I'm F2P, lvl 72 right now ranked 226 Lumi Sidious JC phasma and IG 86 at 7 stars
  • Hey, i would like to join your guild if possible. Im level 72 and i finish in (at least) the top 20 in a highly competitive server. I often finish in the top 5 depending if i want to spend 50 gems or not. I have 8 7* characters and 4 6* characters (who have enough shards for 7*) and a bunch of toons who are 4/5*. I have not spent a single quid on this game so im FTP.

    Im based in the UK and i have played everyday since early-mid december.
  • I would love to join your guild. I'm only lv54, but I've only been playing a little over a month, completely f2p.
  • Goose
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    Hey, I like the sound of this! Question though, does a regretful 25$ spender qualify or must I take my highfalutin self elsewhere :) Can I join on double secret probation?

    Late January shard (I think) average payout top 20 with a handful of top 10s. Play daily.
  • I'm a competitive F2P player who is looking for a guild to join. I've got nothing against P2P players, I just rather get tips and converse with people who have the same game experience. I don't have the current speed meta characters but It's not for a lack of trying. I'm always trying to build the fastest and optimize all my currency. I have 14 seven star characters and several six, five and four star characters as well. I'm looking forward to joining a group of players I can learn from and share with. My game name is KyloRen.
  • Nameco
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    Hello, my name is Nameco and I really want to join your guide to live the next update with f2p geeks. I actually have got 7 7* characters (Lumi, Asajj, Kylo, Ackbar, Sidious, Phasma and Poe) and working on other characters shards (Qgj, Barriss, RG...) I m always around the 160th rank in PvP and play daily. Today, I ll be lvl 73. I hope you ll be interested in my profile! Have a nice day :)
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